At Money From Apps, we teach you everything we’ve learned about making money from apps, from blogs about improving revenue, to hands-on tutorials.

  • Through a lot of trial & error, over 125 apps in the App Store, over half a million downloads, and tons of time & expenses, we’ve learned how lucrative an app business can be if it’s approached the right way.
  • We know that there are many of you out there that want to learn how to make it as an appreneur, so we put this site together to share our experiences, success, failures, tutorials, and source codes so you can avoid the mistakes we made and skip right to the profits.

The Money From Apps team is me (Todd Smith) and a small group of freelancers around the world.  From the USA – UK – Hungary – India – Russia

I also run OutlandishApps.com along with a few other projects.

I started developing and publishing apps back in November of 2012 and now have over 125 in the store. The early days of having things built from scratch with little chance of making that money back. The early days of making apps because “you” like them and then trying to convince others use them. The early days thinking if you publish an app “they will come”. A lot has changed since then and the ride has been an education in itself! Cheers.

To diversify and monetize, and while continuing to update our photo polling app, we learned the ropes of app reskinning and never looked back. Within just a couple of months, our portfolio climbed to 5, then 20, then 100+ apps in an incredibly short amount of time.

We continue to create new apps and blog about the entire experience, from detailed analysis of specific source codes, to the more general. We also give back by providing video tutorials so new entrants can replicate the model of buying source codes, reskinning apps, and flipping them for a hefty return.

Do you want the most up to date app store news, app templates, courses and tips?

Do you want the most up to date app store news, app templates, courses and tips?




We've had apps #1 in their categories generating thousands a month. WE have the best templates from:

-Emojis (iOS and Android)

-Casino (Slots and Bingo)

-Emoji Builders 


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