You know, I’ve seen some apps that spam ads like crazy. But sometimes Apple just leaves me shaking my head.

We got the Mustache Bash source code from Austin. After lots of enjoyable work of reskinning the app myself, I was proud to submit it a week ago. Lee and I were just talking about how we were pumped to see the results of this newest acquisition, when I got the infamous rejection email. I hurried over to the Resolution Center and saw this:

App Store Rejection


First of all, this is a source code that’s been approved before, so that just goes to show how random Apple can be, and how gray the area is when it comes to approving apps. Someone having a bad day and feel like rejecting an app?

Second, that’s the worst reason to reject an app because most ads can be turned off without changing the code. So you can just trick the reviewer and turn them on after (s)he approves it.
In RevMob, if you set up your ads through placements, you can pause them. In PlayHaven, you can pause them. In Vungle, you can make them inactive. Chartboost? Yep, you can turn them off. AppLovin? Yep. I read somewhere that you can’t, but I just checked and it’s in the Manage Apps section.

So that begs the question that you might be thinking: why didn’t you turn them off to begin with? Well, that’s the lesson of the day and why I’m writing about it. I didn’t realize they would seriously reject us for that. So if you’re running ads, which I hope you are, turn them off after sending it in for review and more importantly, remember to turn them back on once the app is approved.

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