How Much Money Apps Make – Real App Data

Scroll to the bottom of this page for specific app results and to see how much money apps make.

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We’re putting it all out there: all the information we have gathered about a specific source code, the keywords, how much we paid, the number of downloads, and how much money the app made. Are we crazy?

We thought it would be beneficial for both you and us if we open up to you our updated “Income, Expenses, and Traffic report.” You have our promise that all the numbers are real. We’re not getting compensated for writing this or referring you to buy the code.

For you, this should be incredibly valuable information that we wish we had 4 months ago–you’ll get a glimpse into a specific source code to see:

  • Does it really bring in money as promised by the developer?
  • Which ad networks bring the most value for the code?
  • Themes that did and didn’t work for us
  • Was the icon bad? Screen shots?
  • Need better keywords?

For us, we’re hoping that writing this out will help us to step back, see what’s really working (and why), and get some outside perspective from you out there (any insight from readers is welcome!). Then hopefully we can repeat the things that bring us the most value the fastest.

So here goes…

  1. “Bingo Hall” results from Source Code: Bingo
  2.  “Daily Quiz” results from Source Code: Personality Quiz
  3. “Triple Dare” results from Source Code: Random Text Generator
  4. “Halloween Casino” results from Source Code: Multi-Line Slot Machine
  5. “Animal Wheel” results from Source Code: Multi-Line Slot Machine

8 thoughts on “How Much Money Apps Make – Real App Data

  1. Jane Wilde

    Awesome. Thank you for sharing your results. It helps to be realistic. One app under our belts does not mean we will be able to quit our day jobs. But with experience and efficiencies, app dev can result in modest income. You site and tutorials are highly readable/watchable.

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