The following is our video response to independent app developers wondering about the profitability of app reskinning:

If you’ve been around the app development world for some time, you might’ve heard that app reskinning is dead, or not profitable anymore, or anything along those lines. It makes me laugh. Independent app developers from a wide range of experience are claiming this, but in my eyes, they all have something in common: a lack of persistence and originality. I guess that’s somewhat expected since the whole idea of app reskinning originates from a concept of not being original. But therein lies the problem. In any business, you need to be original. This does not mean, however, that app reskinning doesn’t work. You just need to think about the method in a different way once the idea is mainstream. That’s what we’ve been doing, and it continues to work for us, paying my salary, all the while allowing me to live in Southern California. Check out the whole video. It will change the way you think about your app business.  

(April 2016 Update)

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