Here are some more real app results for you. Sticking with our original goal of being as transparent as possible with this blog, we’re releasing data from our “Daily Quiz” app, which was our first skin of our very own Personality Quiz Source Code that you can get for around the cost of tonight’s dinner. And by the way, that code includes a free video tutorial showing you exactly how to reskin it.

Title: “Daily Quiz – Personality and Fun Quizzes Every Day”

Released: March 7, 2014

1) Lifestyle
2) Entertainment

Keywords: dexter, character, myers-briggs, type, career, job, breaking, bad, flaw, dog, breed, life, throne, tv, should, what

Expenses: $9

Income: $613.95

  • In-App Purchases: $310.36 (net after Apple’s cut)
  • Revmob: $53.31
  • Chartboost: $3.78
  • Upsight (Formerly PlayHaven) More Apps Page: $7.54
  • Upsight (Formerly PlayHaven) Interstitials: $43.25
  • StartApp: $194.02
  • AppLovin: $1.69

Current Net Revenue: $604.95

# of Downloads: 9,286 (no marketing)

Quick Take:

Daily Personality Quiz Nearly Free Source CodeDoing this exercise after so long is actually very enlightening. It’s rare that we see an app make as much money from in-app purchases as from ads! That’s a very good sign and shows that people enjoy the content. I would argue that if we turned the ads off, we might actually get more in-app purchases and happy customers, giving better reviews, and thus increasing our search ranking. This is definitely something to test.

Best of all, unlike some other source codes you’ll find out there, this app continues to bring in revenue, even 9 months later. Again, that’s a rare thing to find with source codes, but is incredibly powerful. Can you image releasing 100 of these over the course of 3 months? Even if each only brings in $3 a day, you’ll be making $300 a day without doing any further work! That’s also not including the fact that you can cross-promote these apps against each other. Why haven’t we done this? We seriously don’t have the time. We have so many projects going on right now, we can’t manage another app portfolio. But believe me, if we had the time to make one of these every day, we would.

The Best Part:

What is better than putting an extra $300 per day in your pocket?

Doing it quickly, easily, and for almost no money down!

We have a Step-by-Step Video Tutorial that will show you exactly how to reskin this app…  and the course is FREE!  Each version that you reskin will take you less and less time, which means you’ll be able to calculate your hourly return on each version.

Last, this code is the cheapest code on the market. Check it out for yourself.

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