There is no denying that there is an emoji craze going on, but the question is do you want in on this?

I think there are a lot of great things going on here.

  • Some people are just putting out emoji apps in specific niches and pushing ads
  • Some people are partnering with influencers and spending zero on ads
  • Some are doing both
  • Some are doing things we don’t even know about 

The point is…it’s working. Going back to the roots of supply and demand. Supply an app to an underserved niche that demands it and is hungry = happy customer & happy app developer.

We have been secretly working on some fun projects behind the scenes and all I want to say for now is:

1.) We have our own in house iOS emoji code with everything you need to put out a high quality app.

(Click here to join the waiting list so if we ever license / sell it, you’ll be the first to know)

2.) We have our own in house android code with everything you need to put out a high quality app. 
(Click here to join the waiting list so if we ever license / sell it, you’ll be the first to know)

3.) We know how to make good ad creatives, target people and get good CPI’s.


One of the apps squared in pink in the above picture is ours and it won’t be the last on the charts.

Category : Entertainment (Paid)
Store: US

The reason I sent this email to show you what’s going on in the store and gauge interest in any of the things I mentioned above.

If you are interested in our iOS template, android template, Facebook ads, ad creatives…etc hit reply and let me know.  We are not selling anything right now, just curious. We’ve been busy with apps rather than the marketing of services and products to help people publish apps and make more $$$>.

I used to do surveys for things like this, but sadly people are happy to click through a survey, but when it comes to game time, they aren’t action takers that want to be in the game.

None of the templates I mentioned above are marketed or sold anywhere and they may never be… but again..if you are interested, click on the blue text and sign up on the waiting list or send me an email.



PS, I just pitched a big company on an emoji app and got denied with a pat on the back….BUT may have opened a door to another opportunity that I never would have guessed (with the same people).  They emailed me back in less than 8 hours so I know they were at least sorta impressed. More on this in another email. Goes to show you always have to be thinking on how you can help others with their business.


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