Today I’m PUMPED to share a 128.3% Return on investment (ROI) Story!

If you don’t like percentages and want to make sense of the results before we dig in here is an example:

A 128% ROI is like making your money back and then 1.28x that original amount. So if you invested $1000 and had a 128% RIO you would get your $1000 back and then another $1000×1.28 = $1280. Yes. Your original $1000 back + $1280.

I was shocked when I did the math and reached out to confirm. This guy is killing it and hasn’t even scaled up yet! He also shares some real world feedback regarding the Mega Jackpot Slots v1.0 Template.  The new v2.0 is available with even more features, which he will be getting for free (Free lifetime updates!)

If you are in a hurry and want to pick up a copy of our template before the cart closes Thursday October 13th @ 11:57 PST.

(Next Launch won’t be until sometime in 2017)


Brett said:

“The best way to test a source code is to visit the app on the App Store, download it and try playing. Most source codes are not really fun or engaging. They don’t look or work like major hit apps. Mega Jackpot Slots looks, sounds, and works better than any licensable source codes in the casino genre that I’ve tested. Since I’ve started making casino apps, I’ve seen some of the best numbers that I’ve ever seen since I started making apps.

In the last 3 months, I invested $350 in advertising my casino games, and made $450 in net income (take-home profits). I’m excited to continue working with Todd and experimenting to reduce advertising costs and increase my apps’ revenue. I can’t wait to try out the Version 2.0 that he is launching now. Todd is great to work with. I’m so happy that he offers lifetime free upgrades to his source code, and that he’s offering a video tutorial course so that new buyers won’t have to worry about figuring out how to reskin the app on their own. I’m very confident about recommending this product.

*Todd here. I was thrilled to hear this from Brett. You can download and test Mega Jackpot Slots game for yourself:

First off, his revenue generated was outstanding. Let me break it down and clarify a fewvthings.

$350 spent on advertising. He put this in upfront and it may sound like a lot, but if we break it down then it seems manageable for even the smallest budget.

  • $116 a month
  • $29 a week
  • $3.88 a day.

Remember when I mentioned I started my first small advertising campaign at $2.50 a day? It’s not that I couldn’t of done more, but I was taking it slow like a reasonable person would.

Anyway, with his budget in place, he let the money go to work for him. The very clever thing he did was treat his apps like an investment. When he generated a profit from his campaigns, he would have it reinvest back into advertising as his profit grows, so does his advertising budget and thus his profits.

When I asked Brett to explain this further I was very impressed. He really generated much more than $450.  See his email response from earlier today:


Now whether you choose to keep a small daily budget like I did or invest up front, the percentages don’t lie.

So he invested $350 upfront and for 3 months just had all his gains reinvest back into his campaigns so that $350 turned into $1432!

Before I even do the math, I love his strategy because it’s so easy to take gains and spend the money, but when you let the money work for you, then it really starts to multiply.  I can tell Brett is just getting warmed up!

(Kinda like a 401k. The account can build using the gains earned from interest to build more value and wealth over time)

The math

$350 turns into $1432

So as his money grew so did his advertising budget (based on his gains). He never had to put in more than that $350, yet he was able to spend like someone that had $983 and with that bigger budget generate $1432 that netted:

  • $449 profit
  • 128.3% return on his money.


There is a lot of talk and dreaming about scaling up. Can you imagine what would happen with a few more games and using 5x or even 10x his original advertising budget?

  • 5x the budget could net: $4490 profit
  • 10x the budget could net: $8,980 profit

Obviously your results may vary, but Brett said here:

“I’m excited to continue working with Todd and experimenting to reduce advertising costs and increase my apps’ revenue.”

He’s not hasn’t been doing this for a long time and is continuing to get better. He also spread this out over a period of 3 months. Now that he has a system that is working he could put money in the funnel and watch more come out.


Very very impressive!

Lastly, he mentioned a video reskin tutorial that we are coming out with to help new buyers reskin this without worry. I’m glad he brought this up. Yes, right now with the purchase of this template you get a very comprehensive written tutorial with screen shots of every major step + links out to videos that go through it in more detail.  The course that is coming out will take that and dig in deeper, yet allow you to login an just knock out bit sized chunks each day. This is great for busy people that may only have 20-30 min a day to dedicate to this project. That video course is launching on October 31st.  It will be an additional charge, but well worth it when you compare the cost to pay someone else to reskin the game for you. You will have an option to purchase this at check out for an early bird price or wait until later buy pay the normal price ($100 more).

I thank Brett for taking the time to send this to me!

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