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A Highly Profitable (proven) App Formula On A Budget!

I’ve went over the power of using a unique app project that leverages your budget for development and design.

It’s not every project that allows you to actually SPEND LESS and have a more unique app than 99.9% of those playing in your niche.

In fact, it’s usually not possible and super rare.


Earlier today I found $28 in an old Camelback backpack (used for taking water and supplies on hikes, biking, etc). I was stoked because it was money I already had, but didn’t know I had. The Camelback itself was something I had forgot about and almost threw away when cleaning out the closet. I hadn’t used it in a long time and Voilà, I had a pack I now randomly needed and got some extra cash.

Sometimes we stop using something and are ready to discard it, but later find it odd that you will use it again for another activity / opportunity you NEVER could have predicted.

This has been happening A LOT to me lately. It’s liking going to somewhere you used to visit years ago and seeing it in a different light.

I’m sure you can relate on some level.

There are projects you’ve abandoned in the past, that you could probably make work today.

You have more experience.

You’ve failed a few times. You’ve occasionally got that well deserved win.

So circling back to assets / projects you’ve already paid for in the past and repurposing them can give you a boost today just like me finding that Camelback and $28.

The difference is, your old emoji / random app assets could probably generate revenue if paired with the right tools and knowledge.

That’s what we started to do.

We actually took assets from a previous emoji app and put them into our new app project, The Emoji Builder.

So design costs were $0.

So >>




If you already have an emoji app, (which means the designs are done) plug them in and your users will instantly have access to over a 1000 layers to accessorize the emoji.

We did this by actually releasing a NEW app in the form of a “#2” so that we could capitalize on new revenue as we knew the niche wanted it.

You could also use this to update your existing traditional emoji app.

So the power of using a unique app project that leverages your budget for Development and Design is exactly what your old emoji app and the new emoji builder template can do.

(Don’t have an old emoji app? No problem, we have designers that can get you a super good pack of 15-20 emojis that will work great in the builder)


Click Here If you’d like to purchase the Emoji Builder Package for 47% Off (that includes the Profitable App Course we used to get our own results!)




If you already have a small following for your niche from a previous app, you can launch this new app directly to them.

Btw, if you don’t have a following for your specific app, I bet you have a social media presence of some kind. There’s a good chance you have a lot of friends, family and co-workers that will support you and, on their accounts, they have people that support them…and so on.

So the way I like to ask people to check something out without sounding too pushy is by sharing, but instead of asking for the direct action (like a download), I focus on the network.

So the network of my own network.

Let’s use Puppies as an example for something you could share.

“Hey Friends, Do you love your new puppy? Of course, you do, have more fun playing with your pup (while they are still little) using our new app. If you don’t have a new pup, I bet you know someone that does!  Friends, Family, Co-workers? If you have a moment, please share this post on your wall and tag them. Optional: How your friend Todd created it for his pups”

I’m sharing with my network with the understanding not very many people will be my target user, but some of their network will be and some of their networks, network will be…and so on.

I’m giving them the buzz to share an app that the “sharee” will actually love. So you arm the “sharer” with value to share with the “sharee” Bonus is that the sharer knows the person who created the app and that’s a nice personal touch and good story for the “sharee’ to pass on. So we did not NOT the pressure anyone download something they don’t need, but rather gave value to them to pass it along to those that want / need it. Big difference. You will get more momentum going this route than cramming your “thing” that 95%+ of your network, won’t need.

So whether you have a large following dedicated to your app / niche or a personal following, you have a vehicle to get eyeballs on your offer.

I’ve launched to very small groups (for free) and went profitable on day 2 of a launch.

Because of that success we wrote a blog post going It >>

Generate $1,000+ with your app on Instagram with $0 costs!

From there we had requests for more information. It makes sense as most people (including us) LOVE the idea of a simple and frugal project that produces results.

Who doesn’t?

The response to those requests are simple. We mapped out a Profitable App course that goes over the exact formula we used to generate that initial $1000 on Instagram for $0 costs.

$1000 in revenue seems to be an attractive number soon after an app launch. Even if you expect MUCH more, that first wave of revenue can help cover some of your costs (if not all *If you were frugal)

$1500 is even better though right?

Of course! We talked about that below:

$0 Marketing / Advertising Budget Still Yields $1587.25 App Launch!

How does this all come together?


It’s pretty simple.


We just decided to add in the detailed Profitable App Course (steps we use internally)  for anyone that buys our Emoji Builder Template.


So not only to you have an awesome new shiny template that only about 4 apps in the entire App Store are using, you get the proven steps we use to make the exact app from that template, Profitable.

Let me say that again.

We publish our own apps using our own template and get them PROFITABLE extremely fast.

We are releasing that system to anyone that buys the updated Emoji Builder Template.

It’s not methods from another app. They match.

I’ve told you in previous emails, posts and videos that WE DRINK OUR OWN KOOL-AID

So if we license it, we use it.

If you haven’t seen from the blog posts talking about $1000-1500 launches to get the app profitable, we field test this stuff first.

We have over a year of data on different types of apps we’ve published using this template.

  • Free apps + IAP’s
  • Paid Apps
  • Free + Subscription

We’ve used it in a variety of niches and even positioned the apps as:

  • New Apps To A Niche
  • App #2 to a Niche *Launching a separate app #2 to a profitable niche
  • Updating a traditional emoji app to emoji builder *Probably what some of you would do

Is this right for you?


Click Here If you’d like to purchase the Emoji Builder Package for 47% Off (that includes the Profitable App Course we used to get our own results!)

It could be. Here are some circumstances that could help you decide.

So…is it right for you?

YES.  *If you already have an emoji app either ready to launch or live in the store.

YES.  *Have any sorta following that could love a cool emoji app. This can be Instagram, Facebook pages, email lists, twitter, etc.

YES.  *Want to publish your first app, but have a really tight budget so you don’t have a lot to spend on programing, design work, etc. You could make a really custom fun app that gives users endless combinations using 15-20 emojis. Seriously. The custom layers (included), take 20 emojis and give thousands of combos because we have so many hats, bowties, glasses, sunglasses, necklaces, masks, backgrounds, and much more. These accessories are included with the template all ready to go.

YES.  *Want to publish an app, but unsure on how to promote an app in todays market so it can become profitable.  To get an app profitable without spending a ton of money, you need to be crafty, clever and pay attention to your positioning. That’s what we did and it worked very well. That entire repeatable process will be in the Profitable App course.

YES.  *If you don’t want to mess with Facebook Install Ads, Sponsored posts, Influencer Marketing, Snap Chat Ads, etc. If you want to publish an app and get it profitable ASAP on a budget you need to do things the right way. You can’t just sprinkle more money on every problem. Launching an app people actually want and will pay for is what we teach in the Profitable App Launch Course. This process changed our app business because we didn’t have to beg people to download our apps anymore lol. They loved the apps and helped us spread the word. If that’s what you want, this IS for you.

*Yes, this is for you if You’ve published apps in the past but

  1. Got Bogged down by the process to get the app it setup and published
  2. Got Confused on the process of marketing
  3. Got held hostage by a programmer that added in hidden costs
  4. Got Disheartening download / rev numbers after pouring your heart into an app
  5. Got Really expensive Facebook Ad results
  6. Couldn’t find a designer
  7. Couldn’t find a unique template that everyone Didn’t already have
  8. Couldn’t find someone that had the tool (template) and the system to make it profitable
  9. Found a cool template, but there aren’t live apps to test it because the creator doesn’t actually use it lol. *Red flag btw
  10. Quit because you lost motivation
  11. Quit because you got confused on how to setup your new app

Basically, if you’ve been screwed over by yourself or someone else in your journey of making a profitable app, then THIS IS RIGHT FOR YOU.

Because we do the exact opposite over here.

  1. We have a simple process to get our apps setup and published
  2. We worked through the confusing rabbit holes of app marketing and found what works
  3. We have been held hostage by programmers, but have a great team now with 5 years of history
  4. We have got Disheartening download / rev numbers after pouring our heart into an app and that’s why we started building what people actually wanted, instead of what we thought they should want. BIG difference there.
  5. We have had Facebook App Install App Campaigns skyrocket in price after being successful for a while and found that if you have a good base of downloads, your targeting and costs can be MUCH lower.
  6. We have had designer problems in the past, but again, have a great team now.
  7. We have used some mass used templates too. The results we wanted were of course, diluted. That’s why we build in house now. Custom.
  8. We’ve bought other courses and templates over the years. Probably spent over 10k. Some are ok, some are bad. What I’ve found is that even the good ones have a slight disconnect from who’s “teaching” and the student. Like, the person teaching could be extremely knowledgeable, but isn’t in the everyday in todays market. They are disconnected from the challenges and struggles of the everyday indie developer. Let me tell you…I’m not disconnected. We are using our methods and drinking the kool-aid.
  9. We’ve found cool templates, but see the RED flag when the developer doesn’t actually publish any apps with it or can give me 1 single live app link that someone used. I move on at that point.
  10. I’ve quit because I lost motivation because I was building a project for an audience / niche that didn’t really exist. Even if they did exist, they didn’t know we were building an app because I didn’t do things in the right order. We since corrected that and now build apps for real people that do exist so we can get real feedback and when we launch, it’s what they want, not some Frankenstein project we thought they SHOULD want.
  11. We’ve quit because templates and projects are took error riddled and confusing. We don’t do that anymore because we use our own projects that are built in house. We build for us first, then test, then improve several times before releasing our first app. After each app we dial it in further and by the time you hear me talking about it, it’s ready to roll.

I tell you all of this because…

When you purchase a template / course from us, you get access to all the resources and knowledge we’ve acquired over the years from trial and error.

You’re not alone. You’re part of the group. In fact, anyone who purchases will be a part of our New Facebook Group where we can shoot ideas, support, and opportunities back and forth.

We can even do weekly calls if requested. ​​

​​​​​​You need to know that using our projects and systems are much more detailed and rock solid someone selling a random template on a marketplace. 

We don’t do it to say we do it. We do it because we use the systems and tools we sell to make apps for ourselves that bring in revenue.

We are connected to the projects and services because we use them.

  • We’ve used them to publish free apps + reoccurring subscriptions generating $5.51 ARPU
  • We’ve using them to publish multiple paid apps for $4.99 that users happily pay for
  • We’ve used them to publish up-sells within the app that have an average cart value of $25!

If you would like to publish your own Profitable App in todays market then you need to buy your tools and services from someone that is actually doing it…when?

In todays market!

Not 5 years ago.

If you need:

  • Complete custom app create from bar napkin idea to live in the store
  • Extra custom features added
  • Additional Designs
  • Standard iOS compliance updates
  • Profitable App Marketing on a Budget
  • Facebook Ads
  • Social Media Presence for your apps

We can do it all because we have to…for our own business.

We have a team of programmers, designers and marketers ready to help.

If you are more of a do-it-yourselfer (like me), no problem. We have an easy to use App Template, Setup Course + The Profitable App Course where you can do it on a budget.

Click Here If you’d like to purchase the Emoji Builder Package for 47% Off (that includes the Profitable App Course we used to get our own results!)


Best Regards,


PS, If you want more info on the Emoji Builder itself, click here to find out in 30 seconds.

PPS, If you question or want a custom quote, reply to this email. I’d be happy to help. 




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  1. Hi Todd!

    I saw your emoji builder package, your app looks super cute!

    I’ve been thinking about making my own emoji app for some time now. Seems like emojis can make a lot of money!

    How much would it cost to get the emoji builder and have you develop my app for me?

    Thank you and keep up the good work!

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