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The Afterburn Effect of Publishing Games

(Some perspective)

Maybe you’ve heard that after a workout there is a residual effect on your metabolism and mood. I break this into two areas.

  • The “runners high” or in my current cases, bikers high. You go out and do something with pretty hard effort. It could be lifting weights, running, riding a bike, whatever you are into. When you get back there is the calmness and energy (unless you went extra hard)
  • They say your body burns more calories after something like this up to 24 hours after the workout.

What does this have to do with making money from apps?

What I’ve found after pushing traffic to certain apps (like a workout) and turning off the ads to regroup or create new assets, add new features….there is a residual amount of downloads and active users which give me ad impressions. This is like burning more calories, but instead, earning me more revenue. One could argue that small spikes like this could act as a multiplier.

  • Ad impressions lead to installs of the apps in those ads >
  • Those installs earn me $.

Nothing new, kind of reminds me of the old reskinning days and free downloads.

Let’s look at Mega Jackpot Slots >

When I combine:

  • These active users +
  • New downloads +
  • Filtering my ads so only high payout ads show I see eCPM’s of $100-$150 earning $10-20 a day.

This get’s me $350-$500 a month for one app that has no paid traffic running to it of any kind.


Here is the last 7 days:


Here is the last 30 days:



Here is the last 90 days:

90 days


It may not seem like much, but for completely passive income it’s pretty nice.

If I had 2-3 more of these, the number could be $1500-$2000 a month that I could put into ad spend or design for other apps or back into casino.

I also know if I want to optimize my game and Facebook ads to drive installs, this number can be 10x with much not much trouble as I was almost there right before I cut off casino ad spend to use on our emoji apps.

I think it’s time to circle back to this while we are waiting on design assets for a new emoji app and a secret app project.

So a quick summary here.

If you set up a casino game correctly and use a great foundation, your trickling organic downloads and ad impressions could add up to $300-500+ a month. This is possible because of such high eCPM’s we get.

The only reason I realized this was happening is I’d see daily chartboost emails come in telling me of $10+ with nice eCPM’s.


After I saw these emails consistently coming in, I had to dig in a little deeper.

Other games with $1-5 eCPM’s this wouldn’t been the same story at all, but because ours are $100-150 you can see how this ads up.

If comparing someone getting $2 eCPM on an old arcade game and you are getting $100+, then that’s 50x more rev per impression, completed view, app install.

Which type of games would you like collecting passive income? One that get’s you $2 eCPM or one that earns you 50x that with the same impressions.

This is pretty exciting because we just released our New Mega Jackpot Slots Template v4.0 with some new things + have a bundle where you can pick up Secret Chest Slots v3.0 for 75% off. 

Both of these templates are:

  • Up to date with iOS and Xcode.
  • Have Facebook Notifications
  • Come with full reskin video courses
  • Have the ability to change winning %, frequency and multipliers on payout
  • Have the ability to turn 10 Chartboost and Applovin ad placements on and off, change the order
  • Have the ability to change when ads show during gameplay (spins)
  • Much more!

Here’s a glance:



Whether you want more info on these templates or are ready to buy, click the link below.


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