Want Alternatives To Expensive Advertising That Can Generate Big A$$ Revenue!!?


Paid user acquisition is awesome, but it’s not always the best way to go about things. It can be complicated, expensive and frustrating!


Timing is everything and I want to show you how our newest app generated, $1732.18 with $0 marketing or adverting costs + why this is so exciting.


The revenue is nice, but honestly, it’s a bonus. The real prize is loading the app with our best users first in order to understand in more detail who they are and THEN turn those users into way more = $$$!


Things like:

  • Who they are
  • What they want
  • How we can make them extra happy
  • How we can get them to share the app with all their friends / family / coworkers
  • How we can find more of them


This is all without spending a dime on advertising.


In the last year we’ve spent tens of thousands of paid advertising. Our biggest month of ad spend was just over $15,000 in ads and for me, that’s a lot because it’s all self-funded. The good news is we were generating more than we were spending, which isn’t always the case when you ramp up, so our revenue was pretty nice. There are a handful of takeaways I’d like to share with you about that experience.


  1. Know who your ideal user and where to find them online (with targeting)
  2. Price your app according to the quality, niche and feedback you got
  3. Have your app dialed in so the conversion is as good as it can be
  4. Create awesome / compelling / exciting copy and creatives for your ads


That might seem like common sense, but when you work really hard to finish and the app goes live, it can be easy to just think of the things I mentioned above as an afterthought. You’re exited to get things going.


Let’s dig into these a little more deeply


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1 – Know Your Ideal User

Who they are and where to find them online 



I like to go on Facebook and start searching pages and groups to figure out who is posting about my niche. Some of the groups are private and depending on the circumstance, I join a bunch and begin to paint a picture of who will download my app. Basic stuff, like gender, age range, page likes, interests, location, etc. Then I open audience insights cross reference this. Then I open Facebook ads and use these things to see the estimated size and reach of this audience on Facebook and Instagram (separately). All this also helps me get an idea what I will be using in the both in app meta data + ads. The Title, headline, subtitle, description, call to action, etc. 



2 – Pricing

Price your app to the quality, niche and feedback you got 

💰 💵 


Just because you see other emoji / general paid apps charging $.99-2.99 doesn’t mean you have to copy them. I usually research my niche and use some common sense. For example, Newfoundland dogs (NewfyMoji App) are expensive to own. So the difference in charging $1.99 or $3.99+ for them is pretty insignificant. For me, it goes a long way. I also take into account how many emojis I have and the quality.  I have over 150, so I didn’t even hesitate charging a little more + you can customize the emojis + create memes + it backs up your emojis / memes you create. From an app developers perspective, this is a $5.99-7.99 app, but instead I charge $3.99-4.99. Don’t sell yourself short. If it’s a good app and your market will pay for it, move forward. I also usually ask some of my first prospects (before I launch), if they would be interested in an app that does x,y,z and will be priced at $4.99.  The funny thing about price is you won’t always know if it will work until you try. I tend to think android users will pay less for apps, but in the right circumstance, it doesn’t matter. I have NewfyMoji priced at $3.99-$4.99 in both app stores and haven’t heard more than (1) comment about the price. I think the one comment I did get was from a prospective iOS user.



3 – Dial Your App In

Have your app dialed in so the conversion is as good as it can be 



I’m a product guy. I want everything to look good and function wonderfully. I like my apps to be overbuilt. I build features that people might want / ask for instead of waiting for a request.  I try to put out an app too finished or featured filled because I don’t want things to look bad. That’s really great if >


  • The things you spend all the time on..people actually want
  • You leave enough time for proper marketing / advertising prep.


BUT, a lot of us are small teams of contractors from all over the globe. Running on different time zones, using email, slack, skype, fb messenger, text, calls, etc to communicate.


Things get busy. Things get overlooked. Things move fast and before you know it, your app is pending developer release or already live. Now it’s time to think about how to promote the app / reach the user. It might even be time (if you really rushed) to think about who your ideal user is.


I’ve been there.


It sucks. You think because your app is solid, people will find it. Well..if you are reading this, you’ve probably put out a few apps that didn’t exactly break the app store. I’m saying you probably put out some apps that tanked. Regardless how nice they looked.


So, instead of doing this in today’s market, why not build an app that people want. I mean real people that you bounce the concept off of, get feedback and then contact them when It’s live so they can go download it. It’s that simple.


These people will be your super fans.


These people will make sure your app doesn’t suck. They will make sure you know how to reach more of “them”.




Their comments / interests / ideas. If you listen to their general requests and create an app the niche loves, you can “release” it into the wild. They can post your app in private facebook groups, general facebook pages and even their personal Facebook and Insta accounts. I’ve had people reach out telling me they will be sharing the app at events and meetings that revolve around the niche / industry.


Just a reminder…Once you have an app idea that’s in production It’s worth taking a few days to think about the details. Color schemes, fonts, features to mention in the screen shots, Icon color / graphic to use, etc.  It could be the difference in converting at 18% instead of 9% which can really add up with a paid app!



4 – Awesome Advertising

Create awesome / compelling / exciting copy and creatives for your ads 



I know that in the moment of being eager to get ads published and revenue coming in…You can slap together a headline, a few sentences, ad creative, basic targeting in less than an hour.


Then you start paying Facebook (or whatever ad network you use) and get surprised why your ads aren’t converting for less than $17.93 per install lol!


When you are paying for paid traffic, it can be addicting and you THINK that you can buy your way to more profit and that can be true, BUT you have to do all the other things I talked about above, FIRST. I mean you don’t have to, but if you start with something bad, more money usually just means more of whatever you started with unless you are tweaking things along the way which can be tricky.

To have a profitable app that scales, you need two things.


  • An app that converts well in your niche
  • Fresh eyes on it.


If you rush #2, before #1 is dialed in, you are actually burning money. You are paying to figure out what DOESN’T work, which can be helpful but the problem is it’s not a conversation + can be desieving. It’s someone saying no and moving on. They might be the right demo, but your copy and creative could have been wrong. The dollar you spent to find out someone said “no” could have been spent on your time to get the answers to why they said “no”. That intial leg work on finding out who your user is and where they hang out allows you to build a little following you can comincate with. Whether it’s by email, fb messenger, insta DM, etc, you have a way to get the “why”. You refine and keep getting closer to a better converting app / offer. Sure, you won’t get something everyone loves, but you will get closer to something that more people accept, thus generates more sales.


After a lot of requests, we are building NEW easy to follow course that teaches a lot of what I talked about above in much more detail. We are also putting together a bundle that will include the course + the iOS and Android templates we used for our new app that these case studies are based off of. To make sure you don’t miss the special offers we provide to subscribers only, CLICK HERE to join our email list.




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