Our first skin of our very own Bingo Source Code has just hit the two-week mark (this past Friday) of being live in the App Store.  We wanted to give you an exclusive look behind the scenes to see how we are trending.

Title: “Bingo Hall – Play Bingo Games for Free”

Released: April 18, 2014

Keywords: daub,stamp,rush,fast,speed,

Expenses: $597

Income: $598.54

  • Revmob: $70.76
  • Chartboost: $5.82 (More Apps page only)
  • AppLovin: $518.48
  • In-App Purchases: $3.48 (net after Apple’s cut)

Net After Only 17 Days: $1.54

# of Downloads: 4,384 (no marketing)

Quick Take:

Bingo Source CodeAfter 17 days, we are officially positive–this is amazing! The general rule of thumb is that a source code should get you even at 30 days. The Bingo source code kills this!
We still generate triple digit downloads every day and expect the advertising revenue to continue to increase over the next few weeks. As all experienced app reskinners know, if you can turn a profit on the 1st skin, and in less than 1 month, then you have the potential to make a lot of money with this source code.
Based on the low costs for additional versions of this app (there are only 35 graphics to change + the icon), we can expect to see a net income of approximately $500 within 2 weeks of our next reskin’s release.  So if you plan to release 3 versions per month, you could reasonably expect to net $1,000+ in the 1st month alone!
This is also not using Upsight (formerly known as PlayHaven) interstitials at all. You can turn Uspight on (and Revmob off) and test those results… or you can turn off all the ads and see if you make lots of money with in-app purchases! There are great options here.

The Best Part:

What is better than putting an extra $1,000 in your pocket in the 1st month?

Doing it quickly and easily!

Justin has created a Step-by-Step Guide that will show you how to reskin this app.  And the course is FREE!  Each version that you reskin will take you less and less time, which means you’ll be able to calculate your hourly return on each version.  If by the time you create your 7th version of the Bingo Source Code you are able to complete it in 2 hours and can expect to make $1000, that is $500 per hour! Tell me where else in your life you are seeing that kind of financial return on your time.

Act Fast!

For those of us that have been reskinning apps for a while, we know that there is a shelf-life for each source code and the key to maximizing your returns is getting in early and producing quality versions ASAP.  We are confident that this is the best and best-priced version of a Bingo Source Code that is available.  We decided to sell the source code at a price point that we know you can be successful with and our early results showcase the revenue-making possibilities.  We are still in the early-adoption phase of the Bingo Source Code, which means there is still a lot of time left to make money, but those who are ahead of the curve will see the greatest returns.

2 thoughts on ““Bingo Hall” Results From Bingo Source Code

    1. Hi Rafael,

      Thanks for checking in! Since writing this post, the app has made more than an additional $1,000. That is without any marketing, paid downloads, etc. We do feel that these kinds of results are not out of the ordinary and if buyers of this source code pick good themes and do their research, they could easily achieve these numbers, if not better, especially with holidays coming up soon!

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