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August 17th – Flash Sale on Domains +$2.95 hosting

How you ask?  Money to be saved!!

Have you been on the fence about starting the new blog, designing an app webpage or e-commerce site?  I was and last night I stopped procrastinating and got it done. 5 steps in less than 5 minutes.

The awesome group over @Bluehost helped motivate me to start my new blog!  They are having a Flash Sale on $2.95 monthly hosting + a Free domain.

It’s crazy how low this is because in the past I have paid $9-15 per month to host different projects + $10 a year for the domain.

So back to how I was motivated to get this new blog going with Bluehost’s help. I had mentioned in a few previous emails that I was going to launch a new blog in the near future. It will cover things that are relevant in the app market, but will also cover topics around selling or marketing most other online products and services.

We are working on some cool things in the app space, but just like you, I have other interests and one of mine is online marketing and advertising.

This website will be my “home base”.   I was pretty sure I had bought the domain a year ago and now it was time to move forward.

So last night about 10pm I decided to pull the trigger and add some hosting to this domain so I could start on my site.  I had recently picked up a sweet new premium WordPress theme and wanted to see how it looked.

I logged into my Godaddy account and was shocked to see 19 domains that I have been keeping active over the last 5 years.  Wow!


All of them are privately registered so that was doubling the cost each year.  When I looked at how many orders of misc domains, hosting and upgrades I’ve had since 2011 it made me cringe.  270!


Click to below to see 17 sec video of this:

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I don’t want to add all that up. What good would come of that? 🙂

No reason to kill my entrepurial spirit.

I needed a fresh start so I will be using my Godaddy account as a “storage locker” of my extra domains that aren’t getting used.

I will then start to move my active domains over to Bluehost.  I have heard a lot of great things about them lately and their pricing is hard to beat.  Last night I was able to get 12 months of hosting for $4.95 a month totaling $59.40.

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I woke up this morning and they were offering the same thing I got, but instead of $4.95 a month it would be for $2.95!

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This includes:



Just to note that when you add all this up with a domain for 12 months it ONLY comes to: $35.40


$35.40.  Really? That’s it.  

That’s a savings of $72.48 or 67%!

When is the last time you got to save 67% on an online service or product?

I wish I would of known the deal was coming, but it’s funny how things work out.  I was going to write a blog post and send an email out on this soon anyway because of the good deal @$4.95 a month.

Now that they have a deal doing for today only to get that $2.95 a month price I wanted to share.  In fact, I will probably be adding hosting to 2-3 more domains of mine even if I don’t get to designing the site & producing content for a few months.  The savings makes it worth locking it in now.

So if you have been on the fence about registering a domain for..

  1. New personal blog
  2. Professional blog
  3. App website
  4. Ecommerce site
  5. Random project

Today should be the day you jump over that fence and run towards that goal.

There most be something going on here because yesterday I chose to do the same thing and it didn’t have to do with anything other than I’ve been putting it off for YEARS!
Yes, years.

I went back and looked when I registered the domain for this new project and it was back in 2013! Wow, back in September of 2013.  Time sure does fly by, but yesterday I felt compelled to get things going and as mentioned above got some hosting for it through Bluehost.

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Then, I see that Bluehost is pushing people to persue their projects by doing a 24 hour flash sale on $2.95 monthly hosting + a free domain.

If you are bootstrapped like many of us, then deals like this go a long way.  For less than $36 dollars you can be paid in full for a year of hosting + get that free domain you’ve been thinking about for a few weeks, months, years!

How less of a barrier to entry could one wish for?

I am getting together with some friends Friday to have a few beers and food.  I’m sure one of them will tell me about an idea they have or here’s my favorite, “I have an idea for you…you can take it”.

That’s usually followed by a weird smile.

Instead of trying to get me to work on their idea or partner up, I will refer them to this blog post. Sure they may miss the $2.95 deal, but can pay what I did at $4.95.  If there was ever a time to pursue an idea, it’s in 2016.

If you have an existing domain on another account (like godaddy), it’s easy to add hosting from Bluehost and get it transferred.   That is what I did yesterday and couldn’t be happier!

Here is how I did it in 5 EASY STEPS and how you can to!  Will take less than 5 minutes!

5 steps in less than 5 minutes!

  1. Go to Bluehost.com (by clicking on bluest link to the left)
  2. Click on the green “Get started now button”


3. Select the plan that’s best for you (I recommend the $2.95 to get started).

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4.  Type in the domain you want or an existing domain you have somewhere else. This is what I did and either option is FAST!! Then click next.

box5. Enter your payment info and complete the order.



That’s really all it takes to be on your way to setting up your new domain!


If you are interested in hearing what to do after you have the domain and hosting I can help with that too.  I have installed WordPress on about a dozen sites over the years with various free and premium themes + the plugins to go with it.  In fact, yesterday, I just bought the most expensive WP theme I’ve ever bought. Almost don’t want to even tell you how much.

So watch out for future emails on how to setup your new site. Some of you may be experts, but for everyone else….when I started it would have been nice to get some free help.  Now I can do that for you.

Click here to head over to Bluehost now and get your project started!

(Note: If you register your domain through our links, I will earn a commission.  For more info on this you can head over to our resources page.  The short of it is…I only recommend products and services I trust and use myself.  I just used Bluehost for the hosting on my newest project (that will be named soon) that will be my “home base”.  Thanks for reading.)


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