It’s been awhile since I’ve heard anyone talk about Facebook ads regarding apps.


Using Facebook to acquire users for your apps (free or paid) is something we’ve been doing for a while and it can be the difference in making $0-$200 with an app or tens of thousands!

I’m not sure if people are not talking about it’s because of all the Media coverage about privacy settings for users or maybe it’s Business pages aren’t getting as good of reach anymore.


Or maybe it’s because there are a few people quietly crushing it and don’t want to drive up prices because people get excited again and start hopping on Facebook to run ads to their apps, products and services.


I had a hunch on the correct answer and my research confirmed it, but I’ll let you be the judge after reading this.

Regardless, I’ve spent my fair share on Facebook ads the last 2 years and here’s what I’ve learned and how it applies to right now.


I’ll quickly list them below and then dive into more detail with each one.


  1. They can still work great!
  2. There could be way less competition in your niche
  3. There are always new leads / customers / prospects / eager users
  4. Do your own research
  5. Test it

#1 They can still work great.

So here we go. Just for a small test I started running Facebook ads earlier this week to one of our apps with a $5 daily budget. I used pretty strait forward targeting based on previous data I had from my niche. Many of you already have data as well. Things like gender, age, interests (single and layered). You might also have custom audiences that can be created from those that visit your Facebook or App Website. You can take these visitors and target them while excluding anyone that already installed the app. Maybe you have a small / large email list from users that you can upload strait to Facebook as an audience.  You can also use these custom audiences to great look a like audiences (LAA’s)  too. These LAA’s are larger pools of people you can slice with interests and many other things to REALLY dial in who’s seeing your ad.



#2 There could be way less competition in your niche

This is one I don’t think people realize and it’s huge!. Maybe you remember this time last year when a lot of developers were publishing emojis apps. There were a few affiliate launches that got hundreds of new people into emoji apps not to mention thousands more from marketplace sites and un authorized sharing of templates. Many of us (including me) were doing similar things using facebook ads to push traffic to our emoji apps. Eventually there were several copies of people’s already successful apps out there. This happens, but it also kinda messed up certain niches because the user or prospect could get confused or even mad from a bad experience. For example, if a developer with a poor-quality app with a few emojis targets a certain demo with a good ad and the user bites, but is dissatisfied, what do you think they will do when I run my ad (with presumably a better app with more emojis) of higher quality? Well, they could skip over it and think that it’s just as bad as the other one.  Over time this can “ruin” certain niches. This happened a lot with dog emoji apps. So eventually costs go up with people (developers) quit because they can’t afford to burn money. Fast forward a year or so and now without that sudden influx of developers jumping into emoji apps there is less competition.  So, you might be able to take something that didn’t work very well a year ago by hitting the wall and try again. The CPI (cost per install) could be considerably less now. I’ve seen $.45 (cent) installs now for a $3.99 app that would have cost me $3.00 a year ago. This is crazy! After Apple fees we are talking $2.80 revenue (mine) – the $.45 Facebook ad cost = $2.35 profit per install. I used to be psyched for $1 or even $.50 profit per install.



#3 There are always new leads / customers / prospects / eager users

This is an easy one to understand. We are always changing right? Small / Big changes, it doesn’t matter. As humans, we try new things throughout this journey of life and that means we might be interested in something today that we didn’t even know existed last year or 5 years ago. Same goes for the future. So, there are new people (guaranteed) that want your app (if people wanted it in the past) now, that didn’t know it existed last time you promoted it. I remember someone giving this perspective about launching a new product vs improving and relaunching the current one. It’s not complicated, but easy to forget and ignore. *Has everyone that wants your product found it yet? Think about that. There are probably thousands of new users out there looking for your app, but they can’t find it. So, consider paying to put it in front of them with Facebook ads.


#4 Do your own research

Go to the app store right now. Choose Apps, Top Paid, Entertainment Category. This is an easy example to show you. As of right now, #8 is DoodleMoji. I’m pretty sure I’ve met this dude at a Bluecloud event or maybe chatted in their group. We’re at least Facebook friends lol.



This is an app I even thought about doing before him (based on research and friends). After passing on the idea based on too much going on, I saw it 2-3 months later in the store and it looks pretty good, so props to him!


Old text messages to a friend with a doodle >



This is an app that has to have some sort of traffic being pushed to it and I suspect it’s Facebook ads. I’ve reached out to him to confirm, but for the time being let me make my point.


I got word back and permission to share from the developer of Doodlemoji that he is using Facebook Ads and will probably do a separate blog or video on this. He’s pushing pretty good numbers and it’s even ranked overall (paid apps) #60 and #7 in Entertainment. My hunch was right about the market and could give you some confidence to dive back into facebook ads yourself. 


He’s most likely pushing this app up the charts with Facebook ads which get’s him a little organic lift by being up in the charts. Since he launched the app 10 months ago, there have been more of these pet owners and he’s using ads to reach them.


There are 3-4 other apps alone in this entertainment category that are not new emoji app idea, rather proven ones from last year that are continuing to reach new customers using ads. These don’t have to be expensive campaigns either. They could have $5 dollar per day testing campaigns and slightly scale up ones that work well.



(#5) Test it

The best thing you can do is test it yourself. If you want to run ads to a previously published app that you quit running ads to in the past make sure


A.) It’s up to compliance. A lot of older emoji templates don’t work on iPhone X.

B.) The creative isn’t an old seasonal / holiday one that won’t resonate with people right now

C.) The app doesn’t crash



If you are looking for an updated iOS or Android emoji template, we have ours that work great and were built in house.


We also have a new emoji builder that is our secret weapon to snipe about ANY niche we want because no one else has an emoji builder template.

So, all those popular traditional niche emoji apps that dominate the charts are ripe for the picking.


We have a few projects in the works now.


If you are interested in any of these options or have some data on current Facebook ad results, email me directly by clicking here.


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