In this post I will show you how I got paid old forgotten advertising revenue that I earned.  

I’m sure you remember Playhaven, but if not they were / are an advertising company that many of us used a lot a few years ago. Then they started getting sold and more than you’d like to see.

When Upsight bought them, it seemed they were getting more into analytics and services instead of just ads. Maybe like:

Pushwoosh / Applovin / Flurry

Hybrid. That’s all great, but see the progression.

So first: Playhaven to Upsight.



Full article here.  Now I’m starting to think, maybe it’s time to use more networks instead of just them for my match 3 games.  For some reason those games monetized very well with match 3 for me.

Anyway, then in 2015 this happened:


Full article here. Did you catch that? RockYou buys Playhaven from its parent company. Totally cool if it doesn’t interrupt payouts.

Ok, so far all this means is Playhaven (the ad network a lot of used) was being bounced around in all these sales.

What does is mean for you?

Maybe nothing. Did you keep getting your payments during all this?  I didn’t. So you see…it meant something for me.

That something was unpaid revenue.

Keep reading to see how you may have uncollected funds they didn’t seem to eager to pay.  Maybe a better way to say that would be:

They didn’t seem to eager or motivated to contact the developers with the money they were owed. Maybe there as a clause in a contract that said, “after __ days / years (new company *RockYou) will not be responsible to payout advertising revenue that was generated under previous ownership”

So maybe it’s a waiting game. Maybe they are understaffed. Either way, I don’t like it, so I  hope you keep reading to collect your cash.

Here is the email to reach out:

See how my experience went…








Here is where it starts to get funny to me..



Who knows what type of deal this was or where the “proper documents” went.  Craziest part?


Sounded like a canned answer (in the green box about).

So if it would have been any random company in the acquisition, then maybe that would have been possible. Still without past destruction of records, the data should still be available.

Do you know why?

Because they ended up not only paying me, but having the records. They went back to April 2015 (a month before the article announced the sale in May).

Who knows how much money I missed before they bought it. We were moving away from Playhaven so the deposits were anywhere from $26 to $73 a month so it was easy to miss.

See the rest of the interaction.

I really had to push for the details.






So this whole thing felt kinda sketchy to me and that’s why I waited to share. I wanted to make sure it was all legit.  Still hate that they said they couldn’t process payments because of lost documents, but then when I asked for the records they eventually gave them to me and it was within $2 of earned revenue over 16 months. They also had my old paypal account on file that was still active.

So they..

  • Had the records
  • Had the paypal email address
  • Had the knowledge that these needed to be paid out

Yet, they didn’t take action.  The service going back an forth on the emails was fine. I’m sure she was doing what she was instructed to do, but the people telling her to do that?

1.)  Customer asks for payout

Action: Tell them we don’t have the paperwork even know we bought Playhaven from a parent company 

2.) Customer pushes for records and payout 

Give them all the data we just said we didn’t have and then pay them.

It’s gotta be a clause in the contract they had setup just like anything else. When a company sends you a refund check on series you paid for the check voids after a certain amount of time.

  1. Don’t hesitate. Email them today (only if you used play haven and MAY have uncollected funds:
  2. Send me an email and tell me how it went.



In closing, I’m all for clever business moves. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m not. If selling a company to another parent company voids some financial responsibilities and liabilities, the so be it. I just want you to get your already earned cash before it’s too late!

No hard feelings to any of the companies mentioned. I’m sure there was things going on behind the scenes (there usually is), but if you know someone that may have missed out on some revenue, forward them / share this post.

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Thanks for reading!


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