Do you want to make money from your apps or just tell people you have apps?

Big difference. I hope the you choose to, make money from apps.

This post gives an inside look on how you can go from:

  • Failing app business –> à successful app business or
  • No app business –> à successful app business

So I know a lot of you want to publish profitable app(s).  Isn’t that the point?  If you don’t then save yourself the time and close out this window.

It doesn’t matter if you once published profitable app(s), got close or haven’t published a single app before.

Well..I guess it kinda matters and here’s why.

If you have published profitable app(s) at some point you probably started to feel the pinch of decreasing downloads. You took ASO and ran with it for as long as you could (within your means) as your primary source of downloads. However, with some changes with the way apple displayed new apps + overcrowding it seemed very hard to keep making money with apps.  So you may have a sour taste in your mouth about making money from apps.

(Note: I’m not just talking about reskinned apps. I’m talking about all apps.)

If you are completely new, then at least you are coming in unbiased.  To be quite frank, it’s actually better than it ever was in 2013-15 so you are in luck!  Seriously. Keep reading. 2016 and 2017 are full of opportunities!  I’ve bet my future on it.

A lot of people are skeptical of how things work now.  I’ve been on both sides, but there is:

  • A HUGE difference in having a few apps in the store that once made money as a side project for supplemental income. vs.
  • Publishing apps full time and that being your primary source of income to live on (ME).

Regardless of your past or current situation, I wish to appeal to the hungry developer that is eager to get into the game with honest proven strategies that I am using right now.

Not last year. Not 6 months ago. Right now.

During the recent US president debate my ad revenue actually went up because people probably needed a distraction and played my games. Almost 12%!

Ok..are you ready to go?

So you want to make money with apps so you can quit your job or just get some supplemental income. Maybe you have some student debt to pay down (I do) or credit card debt.

If I was entering a new industry or an industry where I needed a new plan here is how I would do it.

  • Find people that were doing what I wanted to do and achieving success already. I would study what sets them apart from people doing the same thing that are failing.
  • I’d take a look at people that are failing or exiting the industry and learn why.
  • I’d go back to the successful people and start to see how I could help them with anything.
  • I’d start using some of their advice, buying their products and reaching out to thank them.
  • I’d report back on my results (whether good or bad) in such a way they could quickly comment
  • I’d work my ass off until I found even the smallest win that was measurable and legit and then think how I could replicate and scale it.
  • Then I’d reach out again, report my results and thank them again. I’d also present a quick question they could answer quick, but would help me. Like this: “Hey, I saw some good results doing x and was thinking of doing y to increase x. Am I on the right track or is there something you’ve done that would active this faster / better?” Regardless if you get a response or what  they say…get back to work. Now you have an interaction going.
  • You can continue to build, try new things, reach out and present value to them so that this relationship can grow. You may be thinking, what the hell kinda value can I present to this person if they have all the info / power / influence.  Well there is tons of things you can do.  Give them a suggestion (without sounding like a dick) on how something they have, do or sell could be improved and why.  This would be from your consumer perspective. Another great one is really awesome for both of you.  Remember the small / large win you got from doing what they said? Well by sharing that with them + mentioning you’d be more than happy to give a testimonial or review of their service, advice, product.


Killer students and followers are gold to influencers for 2 reasons.

  1. It charges them up.
  2. It’s great marketing for them


  • I did these things over the last year. Some of those things go back even further, but honestly in the last 6 months I really turned it up.
  • I stopped getting distracted by all the noise and focused 4-5 different people to follow. The kind of people that were seeing consistent wins and completely transparent about it. They are all it different levels, and that’s what is great about it.

These methods allowed me to leave my corporate job almost 2 months ago and immerse myself in an industry I love.

While reading this post if you rolled your eyes or thought, “wow dude, a lot of that is common sense”, then consider this:

Just because things are common sense, doesn’t mean people do the right thing to achieve their goals and desires. 

Here’s one about everyone can relate to (even if it’s not you, maybe a friend or family member), weight loss. So the idea for most people is..

to lose weight you just burn more calories than you eat.

It doesn’t matter how you do this, but if you do it correctly. You will lose weight over time.

Add in exercise and healthy food choices and that’s even better.  I’ve lost weight over the years to slim down for a marathon or just for the summer months, but can easily put some of it back on. I’m not talking a crazy amount, but if you weight over 200 lbs, a 20 lb fluctuation isn’t too wild.

The crazy part is:

How long we can NOT DO the shit we NEED TO DO to get the RESULTS WE DESIRE and claim are important.

We get busy, make excuses and say there isn’t enough time to achieve X.  I think we just allocate too much time to unimportant things and the priority tasks can get put on the back burner. I bet you all have at least one thing you’ve been meaning to do for a few months but have been putting it off.

Do you get my point?

I used the weight loss example because starting Oct 1st I will be starting the first of (3) 30 day slim down phases so as the year progresses and it get’s cold (here in Ohio) I’ll be loosing weight instead of gaining weight. The activities I love (biking and running outside) are not always options in the winter. Sure, I do them both even with the cold temps and snow, but I don’t F*uck with ice.

To achieve this, I won’t be doing anything crazy, just better good choices, regular and reasonable workouts (I usually go extreme and that’s harder to maintain).

I’ll be feeling better instead of putting on weight or feeling sluggish from the winter.  I have an indoor trainer for my road bike and we are getting a treadmill my partents used to have (they got a better one).  So this winter should be good! I have a gym membership too, but don’t use it much.  See? It’s the small accessible wins that allow us to really see results.

So over the last few months I could of already been slimming down, but I didn’t.  It wasn’t a lack of tools or reasources.

What was it?

Unaligned priorities.  So..what are your unaligned priorities? Are you trying to

  • Lose weight?
  • Save more money?
  • Make more money?
  • Get your app business going?
  • Get back out there in the dating game?
  • Start that small house remodel project (I’ve been putting this off)

Whatever it is, don’t wait 3 months and jump on bandwagon of new years resolutions.  Have you ever stuck to one of these anyway?  I haven’t. Not for more than a week.

So why not do the work now so by the time 2017 comes around you are way ahead of where you thought was possible.   I’ll be doing that with both my business, fitness & health.

You may be wondering why I am even talking about this instead of just strategies to increase downloads and revenue. 

For most people, to do anything that is out of your normal comfort zone (which is usually needed to see change and results), a great perspective and mindset is needed first.

Then comes the plan & strategies. Usually it takes someone else to point it out too. Even if you know what “you’re supposed to be doing”, without a push from someone else or can easily get pushed to the bottom of the list. So here is me saying:

WAKE UP!!! Get your shit together and let’s make some great things happen.  Let’s spend the next 3 months working hard so the start of 2017 is awesome!

How many apps and app developers have you seen go under? Maybe you were one of them. I almost was.

In the next post I’ll answer this question:

Is the mobile game industry now too risky for the indie developer?

  • One more thing. If you haven’t seen our new video on how casino apps make the most revenue, check it out by clicking on the screen shot below:


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