Fairly recently, Apple added a new field when you’re ready to upload your binary.

Advertising Identifier IDFA

It’s headed:

Advertising Identifier

Below that, you need to answer:

Does this app use the Advertising Identifier (IDFA)?

If your app is showing ads, you’re going to need to click “Yes” for this. And that opens up some more questions…

Serve Advertisements Within the App

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Are you showing ads? If so, click yes. That is the one that we click 99% of the time, and also 99% of the time, this is the only one we click.

Attribute this App Installation to a Previously Served Advertisement

You select this if your app is using the unique identifier of the iOS device. Call me lazy, but I have never felt like looking up every single SDK’s documentation to figure out if they use the unique identifier. And I vaguely remember when crap hit the fan and all the ad networks were updating their SDKs like crazy because of all of this. So do they use the unique identifier? I have no idea.

In all of our apps, we have not checked this box, and we’ve passed the review process.

This has been true for the following SDKs (we did not click the checkbox when using any/all of the following):

  • Flurry
  • Revmob
  • Chartboost
  • Upsight (PlayHaven)
  • AppLovin
  • StartApp
  • Vungle

I am definitely not an expert in this area, but the point of this is to tell you what has worked for us.

Attribute an Action Taken Within this App to a Previously Served Advertisement

This one has to do with re-engagement; that is, a user will click an ad, enter an app, and events that happen are attributed to the ads. Again, we don’t click this. Hey, maybe we’re wrong, but I’m writing this to let you know what we do and what has worked for us consistently.

Feel free to comment if you’re an expert in the field of identifiers and tracking, or if you know for sure that specific ad networks do use the IDFA/re-engagement, etc. This post is more about figuring it out than telling you how to answer this question

Now for my iOS Developer rant of the day: Have you ever noticed that you can have Frequent/Extreme Sexual Content & Nudity–not just mild, but extreme… but if you select even Mild Graphic Sexual Content & Nudity, you can’t submit your app to the App Store? Classic Apple Review, making no sense as usual.

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  1. Hi,

    I am using Google Conversion Tracking SDK and FacebookSDK.framework. Which option to choose? Please help.

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