Hey App Developers!


So far the response has been awesome!


…with this format and I honestly think it’s something I’ll continue doing. Thank you for submitting questions and feedback.

Why will I continue to do this?

Because it seems that everyone is vigorously working on their “secret” projects and when they come up for air it’s going to be fun to see what’s working and what’s not.

I think there are a lot of people quitting apps or putting things on hold, so maybe there are not as many voices talking about the opportunity, but I assure you we are not quitting and will update you on big wins soon.

Let me know what you are working on so we can chat or feel free to drop a question. I don’t need every single detail if you are like, “but you will have to sign an NDA..”, just something.

BTW, I’ve found that just having an idea is shit compared to execution. It’s all in the execution + being proactive vs. reactive.

I’m sure there are endless “million dollar ideas” out there right now written on bar napkins or old notebooks, but most of them will newer happen because they never get built.

or the timing is wrong, or they run out of money, or any number of things. It’s those that find a way to make a good / reasonable idea happen and tweak along the way to achieve success rather than dream up some perfect scenario / idea.


We are about to launch a new app in the next 3-4 days and I hope to share more about that in the future. We did a lot more prep work building a following and getting feedback so when the app drops, I believe it will “drop” hard (but really meaning drop as a good thing”).

I’m hoping briefly top 10 in US paid entertainment category. Would love top 5, or even to hit #1 in entertainment, but that will take a lot of downloads. Once we establish things, a little paid traffic is in order, but the launch will not be paid. More on all this later.

More App Developer Questions Answered in Todays’ Episode

It has a part A & B.

Most episodes will not, it was just a video exporting thing.

This week, I tackled 5 questions in Episode #2 of simply named, “App Developer Submitted Questions“.

Start with Part A by clicking below and the part B is in the description of A.

Ok, I know that was wordy, but just click below to get started with this weeks episode and check the description when you are done. You’ll figure it out.


In case you were wondering…

In the video description you will see info on the questions asked and specific time marker for each question so you can skip around.’

If you have a new or follow up question, hit reply and ask away.

We may as well engage a little to learn from each others mistakes (and wins).

If we get enough questions, I’ll do it every week or at least twice a month. Your call.  





PS, ask me some questions to be in the next episode. CLICK HERE to email me directly.

PPS, if you have been putting off an app project or thinking about getting into apps or a new project let me know. I’ve recently had people reach out saying after months of reading the emails, blog posts and watching videos, they are ready to get started.  

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