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If have seen this error and haven’t been able to solve, let me walk you through the solutions from our recent experience. 

Yesterday I was doing a basic update to an app that had perviously worked less than a week ago. No changes to my computer with OS, Xcode, the code, nothing. Just opened the project, changed the version, made a few little content tweaks and uploaded. That is when I was greeted with an oh so wonderful upload error.

I did what most people do, Grunted and Googled, “Error ITMS-90534”.  I have access to a programmer as I’m sure you do too, but not all problems are something they can fix, especially if they don’t have the same setup as you (computer, OS version, Xcode version..ect).

I then came across my favorite threads when searching for a solution. Stack Overflow.

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To open the post in PINK click here.

What I saw right away was that there weren’t any posts from the last few days: December 4th and 5th so that worried me.  I proceeded anyway trying to use there solutions.

1.)  Change the project format from Xcode 3.2 compatible to 8.0.

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After changing and uploading, I got the same error.


2.) Updated my my OS and Xcode to the latest version by going to the App Store and going through their process up downloading and restarting. Then I cleaned my build, build folder, deleted old archives, derived data, closed Xcode and opened the project again. This solves a lot of small nagging issues in Xcode. (To see a video of this click here) However, for me…still no luck.

3.) Switched Xcode project format to 3.2 (see step #1 for more info). This didn’t work.

4.) Went back to stack overflow saw a comment that got me thinking… Because there isn’t any new posts for December about this issue, it’s probably something that just popped up and has NOTHING to do with my system or projects, but Apples. So I decided to wait another day and try agin. Sometimes their system or backend interferes with app uploads and the errors shows really don’t mean that’s the issue. It would be cool if a message / error just said, “We are having backend issues that may cause upload errors”.

*Great news! That did the trick. Yes, waiting till the next day.

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As I’m writing this I think this has happened before (different error though) and it was a big app update that was going to mess up our plans so I searched more deeply. In that search I think there was an Apple site that showed if the servers were down. 

  • To check if Apples services are down on the front end for users click the URL below:

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  • To check if any of the Developer tools are down click the URL below:

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