This year a few months before I left my corporate job I signed up to attend and app industry event hosted my Carter Thomas over at Bluecloud Solutions.  I thought it would be a good idea to connect with other people + it was in Hawaii!  I had never been there so it was extra exciting. 

A few months after I attended the event, I ended up leaving my corporate job to pursue software development full time.  That was always the goal, I was just able to do it quicker.  There was a lot of other things at play here, but that event had a big impact on me!  To read how I escaped from corporate hell to happy entrepreneur, click here.

Soon after I went full time I decided it was time to keep the momentum going so I signed up for 3 more events. Read about them below:

  1. Bluecloud Europe event. (Amsterdam).  Click here to read more about it.
  2. Leadpages Converted (Minneapolis, MN) Click here to read more about it.  Also, if you want to attend please email me for a discount code.
  3. Bluecloud Summit 2016 (San Fransisco, CA)  Click here to read more about it.

As this list grows I will do full write ups on the events. To hear about new events I will be attending and any discounts I can provide click the green button below.