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In the past 6 months we have given away free resources / tips regarding paid user acquisition as we have become more informed and successful.

These have been how-to videos, blog posts and long educational emails.  Many of you (77.8%) that filled our last survey indicated you would like a comprehensive course focused around paid user acquisition.

Things like:

  • Setting up and scaling profitable app install campaigns using Facebook Ads.
  • Understanding the best creative options for your ads (Static, Carousel, Video, Gif..etc) and how / where to get affordable creatives made.
  • How to find the cheap users with the highest LTV (Lifetime Value) for your apps and get more of them than you ever thought possible.
  • How to monetize your game for 2017. Leverage your users for more revenue while improving their app experience (Yes, this is possible)


I bet you are in one of these boats if not multiple:

  • Your organic downloads have dropped off along with revenue, so you know it’s time for a change in strategy, but have no idea where to start.
  • You are still doing ok, but want to take this to the next level with paid user acquisition.
  • You started trying Facebook ads to buy app installs and you can’t get the CPI (cost per install) under your average LTV (lifetime value) per user.
  • You are pretty good at Facebook install ads at your level, but can’t seem to keep the CPI low when you scale up a campaign or ad budget.
  • You don’t know which games are best for paid app installs, but want to learn more. You may already have a sweet candidate, but don’t know how to monetize it!


This Thursday, January 26th at 1pm Eastern time, I will be hosting a webinar and going over the ways you can use paid app installs to scale up your app business.  I’ll show you what is working for us and how you can do the same thing. Sign up below.

A specific example will be how I’m using Facebook ads to drive mobile app installs to our best monetized apps and making 150% ROI.

(That means @ 150% ROI: Spending $1000 on advertising and generating $2500 in revenue leaving you with $1500 profit!)

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 6.51.33 PM_clipped_rev_1


Summing it up…A lot of you know there are things in your app business you need to start doing, but are overwhelmed, especially with paid user acquisition. Let me show you where the pieces of the puzzle go.

It’s like when you have a goal to lose weight. You know it’s a good idea in theory because you will feel better, look better and improve your health…but without the right education & execution plan…the goal can just become another dream.

It can seem unreachable with your current situation / lifestyle / budget, and all you really want is someone to break it down into easier steps with clear objectives.

Do X and get Y.

Do X and see Y.

*Setup (this ad campaign with this budget) and make (this amount per month)

*Eat (these foods) + Exercise like (this) on (these) days and weigh: (ideal weight here).

A plan (or at least where the missing pieces go) that shows the clear path of how to do something you aren’t doing now is KEY.

It’s not absolutely necessary. People grind through things all the time and sometimes..eventually figure it out. I’m sure you do it. I’m doing it now on a few things, but I’m extra stubborn and sometimes doing it yourself for the education is the better route. It usually takes longer and costs more, but sometimes that’s worth it.

So it’s really up to you.

I honestly think that pairing those two together is a perfect combo and I use it all the time.

I put my crazy drive and stubborn never give up attitude and pair that with someone else’s expertise that has already figured out how to do what I want.  Then my results can be multiplied much faster than theirs. So…Reminder:

This Thursday, January 26th at 1pm Eastern time, I will be hosting a webinar and I’ll show you what is working for us and how you can do the same thing.

Sign up below to claim your spot.  My webinar account only allows so many registrants at the pricing tier I have so it will be capped.

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 6.51.33 PM_clipped_rev_1

I’ll also go over a few of our projects in the works and why we are doing those.

2017 is going to be a big year! The end of this month will mark 6 months being in the app business full time! I wish I would have made the jump sooner! I had been publishing apps part time since October of 2012 before going full time last August.

I hope to see you there!



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