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How many of you heard about or watched the Trey Smith Game Studio Elite one-time only, never replaying again, presentation? According to some, if you missed it, game over, because this is apparently what is now needed in order to “take over the entire game marketplace.” Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like my inbox was spammed to the max about this event… But whatever–it worked, and they got me to watch the “one and only” presentation. Then this happened:

chad mureta email

What was that about there not being a replay? And why does the graphic (shown at the top of this post) say “One Night Only” and “No Replays”? Sigh.

If you missed it TWICE and want to know what all the fuss is about, or you just want my opinion about Game Studio Elite and Project Mayhem 2 by Trey Smith of, then read on. This is not a sales pitch, and I don’t personally know anyone at Game Academy. This is just my honest opinion about the event and my take on the program and software.

I’m going to go ahead and start by telling you the price, which is the exact opposite of how any marketer would go about this, because that’s what all these events are: sales pitches to get you to buy something.

So here it is: $9,997

Wait, let me phrase that how a marketer wouldn’t.

So here it is: $10,000

Awesome. Just let that sink in for a little bit. That might be enough for you to be uninterested already. But if you’re curious, move on.

Alright, so what the hell is it? Game Studio Elite is a course created by Trey Smith of Project Mayhem 2 is software that he developed to go along with the program. First, let’s look at this course…

Game Studio Elite

The course takes place over 8 weeks.

1) “Foundation” (4 weeks) – In the first 4 weeks, you’ll learn the software, Project Mayhem 2. In a nutshell, you’ll learn how to create games without developers or graphic designers, but you will need to do a lot of work yourself.

2) “Automation” (2 weeks)  – Learn how to hire people to make more games for you, so you’re not doing all the work that you were previously doing in Step 1. Also learn how to better market the apps (keywords, localization, etc.).

3) “Domination” (2 weeks) – Now that you have lots of games, how to direct that traffic to one “mega game.” Repeat this process. Also, learn how to sell your app company.

Now let’s see what the software is all about.

Project Mayhem 2

This is the Photoshop of developing. No wait, that’s Xcode. So I don’t know what this is, but it’s something! It’s pretty intense, to be honest. The app allows you to create as many apps as you want, but within a certain set of functions. I’ll try to explain…

Just like Photoshop allows you to make images, it doesn’t allow you to make animations, at least that I’m aware of. And just like Project Mayhem 2 allows you to create certain kinds of games, you can’t create whatever app you want. There are certain functions and things you can do with the software. Here’s a list of games it allows you to create:

screenshot of project mayhem 2

So that’s it. If you’re interested in creating any other type of game, you’re out of luck, or you need to buy a source code. Want to make a casino game? Not gonna happen.

But the cool thing is that these are not just for iOS, but also Android, and eventually Windows as well. So that’s nice. Also, you can make as many different variants of a Jumping Game as you want. The software comes with tons of images/artwork and sounds built-in, so you can just choose what you like and build it, drag-and-drop style. Cool.

But let’s face it. Photoshop isn’t easy. It takes a long time to learn and get used to, and only certain people that have the mind for it master it. I’m sure this isn’t any different. Watch the demonstration video of Project Mayhem 2 and you’ll see that while some things seem easy, there are a lot of unanswered questions. I’m pretty technically savvy, but I have to admit that at some points during the video, I didn’t know what was going on.

So let’s go over some Pros and Cons.


  1. You don’t need a graphic designer, developer, or sounds. All the pieces are in the software.
  2. Create lots of “higher quality” games–as many as you want–and each reskin can be changed further because it’s “easy” to change menus, the number of enemies, etc.
  3. The network: training with smart people, possible phone calls with Trey Smith, access to developers when you need them, etc.


  1. You will need to learn this software, which will take a long time, and you might hate doing this work.
  2. What happens when iOS 8 comes out (soon)? Will this software still work perfectly? We’ve all seen issues pop up with a change in iOS versions. Along those lines, will it work with new phones? Is there any kind of warranty on this software? How often is it updated?
  3. What if you don’t want to build an endless runner/flyer/jumping game, but something in an area that can be more lucrative, like Casino games?
  4. What if the types of games offered go out of style?
  5. Can’t jump on a new trend when graphics are pre-made. How do you create a “Flappy Bird” theme or a Miley Cyrus theme?
  6. Ten-freaking-thousand dollars
  7. Couldn’t I just hire someone that already uses the software to make games for me? Or can’t I just buy the source code to one of these games and make a bunch of reskins that way? Yeah, it would be harder to customize, but isn’t the point to not customize it?

Yikes… I’m starting to come up with a lot more cons than pros.

If I had about 24 more hours in a day and about $24,000 more in my bank account, I might give this a shot, but I feel like the cost doesn’t justify the benefits.

For example, with $10,000, you could jump on 25 or more HOT source codes–stuff that is trending like crazy. You have an unlimited options and can reskin each of those source codes an unlimited number of times. You could probably reskin them quickly and at a low cost… sure, you need graphics, but you can still license just as high quality graphics.

OR you can buy his software, spend weeks figuring it out, and make an unlimited number of games in a limited set of game styles for the same price.

Option 2 feels riskier to me. What are your thoughts?

Update: A reader who actually has the system sent an opinion

Yep, we bought this over a year ago when Trey upgraded from App Elite to App Elite 2.

Yes, it is expensive. NO, you never get to talk to Trey Smith. However, we did attend a one-day conference in San Diego in which Trey brought in several speakers. Trey continues to host a forum for “members” to ask questions, etc.

The bad news about Trey’s system (oh, by the way, he “sells” this twice a year, so the entire “this is going to be offered only once” is total BS), is you are very limited to game types (like you said in the blog), but Apple is now rejecting a lot of game types saying there are already too many similar game types in the AppStore.

I recently created a game and paid $300 to create artwork only to have the game rejected by Apple because there are too many similar game types. It was an endless runner type game.

We don’t use the system much anymore.

So there you have it.

P.S. I was very disappointed that the biggest hype of this was that there was no replay, and that it was a one-time only deal, but it doesn’t matter because all of the information in the video is available on the website.

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