Generate $1,000+ with your app on Instagram with $0 costs!

What I’m not talking about >

  • Influencer marketing where you do a revenue split with someone that already has a following. I’m talking about building your own following to attract those influencers and all their followers to your new thing. In time this can snowball. 
  • Instagram ads of any kind
  • Paid posts
  • Anything paid on your part

What I’ve been doing lately

Using instagram as a tool to promote a new app and it worked so well that I’ve started to use it for other apps that have already launched.

The trick for me was pretty simple.

Step 1: Create an instagram account for your app or something close / relevant (Example: If it was an app for gardening emojis then maybe GardenMoji would be my handle or GardenLover) Load your account with a  few awesome posts. Pick a name that is going to resonate with your prospects. You want to follow people to get follows back and then reach out / engage with those loyal fans. From there you can get feedback, get them excited about an app / product, send them to a pre-launch list signup, have them help promote the app, etc.

Step 2: Start to search for popular hashtags in your niche. (Tip: If you don’t know these, just type in Garden… into instagram and figure out what people are using for tags.

Step 3: Start to follow others that are interested in “Gardening” (Tip: You are going for quality over quantity here) An optional step I used for one niche was to document each person I’d follow, amount of followers, average likes on photos (to see engagement percentage).

Step 4: Max out how many people you can follow by searching and following hashtags multiple times a day

Step 5: Anyone that follows you back is someone you can now reach out to. Use the optional excel doc in step 3 to keep track of who responded and what they said. These are going to be your super fans.

Step 6: Keep doing steps 1-5 and set a goal. How many followers do you want? How many DM (direct messages) do you want responses from?

I will do a follow up post / video on this as it will probably be a series. I documented and tested this for one account for 1 month and saw some interesting things that helped be do things different for the next one.

I will also share more info on the app niche, app type, and all the specifics soon.


The Summary

This has been one of the more successful case studies I’ve done in awhile because we spent zero on advertising and is very repeatable (we are already doing it with another app). It’s also very low cost (even when you consider the costs to create the app).




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