I’m laying it all out there so you can get the perspective on how to get out of an app developers funk. 

I also touch on how far the market and the different opportunities have come over the years.

The hardest part about getting out of a funk or a rut or out of your own head is usually just realizing that you are in one of those states.

Unless you are superman or wonder woman then you’ve had bad days. You’ve had to bounce back. Sometimes quick and sometimes you drag around way longer than you need to.

I’ve been there. I’m a lot better now at spotting this than I used to be.  The cure is usually just doing the thing you feel to lazy to do and force the “bouncing back”.

Thinking about his made me realize that a lot of you may be in your own little funk and I’m here to point it out.

Let’s dive in.
A lot of you have had big interest in the past 3-4 months sourounding our new Mega Jackpot Slots Template. I say this from the subscriber levels for things like giveaways, surveys, free video guides and webinar sign ups.

So the interest is there. How could it not be….right?

  • The model is proven.
  • The average eCPM’s can be up to 13x more than they were 3 years and I thought they were good the.


The crazy thing is a lot of you that claimed to want make more money for apps haven’t even taken a few minutes to check out the enrollment page of the very tool that can make that happen.


I don’t take it personally of course. I know you may just be busy or in a funk. Just like me.

The last 5 weeks I’ve used my indoor cycle trainer for at least 30 min, 5 days a week. Some of these workouts are really intense. It’s the kinda trainer where you use your actual road bike and it simulates real riding.

I stuck to the same 5 days each week. I was feeling great, but last week missed a few because I was working too much. Then this week came along and it was easier to say I was too busy because the streak was broken.

After you loose the “fire” behind your drive to complete these workouts it’s easy to not even want to do it.

So yesterday, I knew it was time to get out of my funk. Even though I didn’t feel like jumping on that trainer, I knew I’d be happy afterwards and jump start my drive to keep doing it.

It really is like jump starting a car. I meant it more metaphorically, but literally..when you are in a funk or feel dead (worn out) and don’t get that jump start and you turn the key there is either a nothing, a click or a barely turns over.

When you get those jumpers hooked up and turn the key it fires right up and while you drive around the alternator charges your battery up.

(Just like my workouts charge me and my mood up)

Then next time you go to start it…it’s not this whole thing.

So the worst part is…when you don’t realize that all you need is a jump start to get back on track you can go days, weeks, a year+ just feeling “off”.

Someone usually has to point it out or maybe you realize it one day in the shower.

Then it’s as simple as getting past that awkward jump start and rolling along.

I’m that person right now. I’m the person that needed to get out of my funk. That reminded me that maybe you need someone to point this out to you.
Not all workouts, projects, days, experiences…etc are awesome. When they are, great, but if you didn’t do the work on the cloudy days, you wouldn’t appreciate and have the chance to enjoy the sunny ones.

[Back to our awesome template]

So if you are in an app developer funk, then maybe you need a win. A win with a proven system.

  • Average revenue per user (ARPU) is way up. Ranges from $2-$5+
  • Advertising costs with the right methods are very affordable. The methods I speak of are taught in our mini courses.


So summing this up.

  • The tool (the template) is dialed in to provide awesome gameplay and generate maximum revenue.
  • The tool comes with tons of extra resources to help you easily set it up for your game
  • The tool has a bunch of controls so a non coder can change settings without hiring a programmer. (Things like starting coins, reward amounts, reward timing, ad placements, ad timing and much more).


It’s all in one place.

  • It’s offered in different bundles for different projects and budgets
  • It has affordable payment options. The Starter bundle only costs $2.37 a day.


I remember when I was looking for app templates and opportunities back in 2014, there was nothing that even touches the level of function and service we offer.

  • Video courses to help you reskin your game faster
  • Mini courses on advertising creatives
  • Mini courses on advertising for a specific game
  • Reskin packages using your art
  • Reskin packages where we make you custom art / upload the game / and make your video ad creative.


It’s off the charts.

I think we went this route because I always wanted more when I was in the market and still do. So I created it with that all in mind.

I wrote this post to help you understand not just how sweet our offers are right now, but also to remind you how much opportunity is going on right now in the app store.

Emojis are blowing up and maybe we will go over our projects for that niche down the road.

Right now, if you are in the market to make money from apps, then head over to the enrollment page of Mega Jackpot Slots and check out all the details.

We have case studies, an FAQ video, a “Still not convinced video, and a section that goes over the 5 things I should have avoided in my early days of app development and how you can overcome them.

Access the enrollment page by clicking here.

It’s available for:


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