Going Big in 2017. The focus to 7 figures

Before I get into the details and my excitement for 2017, I want to briefly highlight 2016.

Looking back on 2016…

I’m not sure about you, but 2016 was huge for me. Not so much in terms of revenue or downloads, but setting the foundation for the former. Although most of our downloads in 2016 were 99% organic (141.3k), that will start to change. The first 8 months went on pretty routine with my old job as a sales director / marketing strategist, but from there I transitioned into running my bustiness full time.  More details can be found here.

I also attended app events in:

  • Hawaii (May)
  • Amsterdam (Sept)
  • San Francisco (Nov)

+ a sweet marketing conference hosted by Leadpages (Oct).  It was total immersion and exactly what I needed to keep the momentum going.  I got to meet and see tons of top dogs in the app and marketing space. More ideas, projects, relationships and business partnerships were created in 4 months than in the 4 years I previously published apps part time.

So with 2016 over, it’s time focus more on how I can take all those resources and opportunities and leverage them into growing businesses.

Last September I published a PDF guide titled, The top 10 ways to make more money from apps. It was exactly what it sounds like. A guide that goes over general tactics to make more money from apps. Things like ASO and push notifications. You can find that guide here.  It was great info, but for the average indie or small app company..they can’t focus on 10 things. Most of the people I met that were doing very well in their respective niches did 1, MAYBE 2 things really really good. From there they would move to the next thing, but over time. Rise to the top an pivot. If you are trying 10 things at once with their own variations, before you know it…the multiplier gets to a factor of hundreds if not thousands of data points. I know I can’t manage that effectively and see real growth. That’s too much!

So instead…for 2017 I want to apply one of the biggest, yet simple things to my business that I was underestimating.

Focus.  2016 was all about getting out there and shaking things up. Throwing a ton of noodles on the wall and seeing what stuck. Meeting tons of people and trying lots of mini projects and launches. Running ads to games, blog posts, launches. Using and losing a fair amount of money in testing, but in exchange for data.

On December 29, I made a quick list of all the things I thought would be good to pursue in 2017. These came from all forms of notes. Emails to myself. Notes on bar napkins, field notes memo books, word docs, white board scribbles, notes in my phone.. etc.  I tried to mark green for quarter 1 projects and yellow for anything after.  The next step was to break these down by category because a lot of the ideas actually did fall under the same general niche.  Then I could plan out what to do first.

See this list:


What I realized is I’d never get all this done if just jumped around and worked on what seemed like a good fit for the day, week, month and so on. This is basic organization and goal setting followed by persistence / execution and measuring to tweak along the way.

However, I have struggled with this in the past and maybe you can relate. A shiny new opportunity / project idea comes along and eventually you not left with completed projects, but several unfinished projects. Many of which are pretty substantially self funded with time and cash. Do this enough and you get burnt out and have little to show for it expecpt your ever decreasingly amount of motivation and resources.

So…I started to realized that I needed to prioritize the projects so I got enough wins (small or big) to keep going, but still took time to do projects with higher risk or more of a long term payout.

The results are positive because I do the things I know I need to do to get paid and feel good about my work + still make time for family, eating good, working out and still taking some risks or just building out a passion projects.

Putting all your eggs in one basket, can get you the focus needed to win, but sets you up for a staggering blow if you picked the wrong project or opportunity. Which a lot of you know that winners fail much more than you would think. You fail to win. Not fail to win as in you don’t win. I mean you fail (a lot) so you can win a little. If I quit after the first failure then…well..I don’t make it very far in the area.

Now with the lead up I’ll tell you what this means for you and our app business.

Instead of using a guide to try 10 things to make more money from apps, how about 3?

Maybe even 1?  It depends on what you are working on and towards. Maybe one thing per month, one per quarter, it’s up to you.

Here is our 3 main generalized areas of focus for 2017.

  1. Building more profitable apps by diversifying monetization and retention techniques to be specifically capitalized using paid user aqusition (UA).
  2. Building a larger more active community around the topics mentioned in #1
  3. Scaling up. Building out our systems (Apps, courses and software) +backend and products to give us a shot at our first 7 figure year.

A few more details:

So while doing those things we would like to see these things established by years end.

  • Further scaled up app business with larger daily ad spend.
  • Larger audience for this website that offers more software, courses and services
  • A new blog that captures all of the above for detailed marketing and advertising tactics in today’s landscape.

So now you know what we will be doing and why.

If you are wondering, “ok…what the hell does that have to do with me?”

Fair question. Well…because this is the Money From Apps Blog and we are out to make 7 figures worth of it in 2017, we will be sharing the journey and how you can do some of the same things.

  • If you want to make money from casino games, you’ll see our first video ad campaign for paid installs with $7.50 daily spend
  • If you have other apps that need users, then we’ll show you how to use different lower and higher cost solutions for acquiring users
  • If you want a custom project for an app and need our help
  • If you want to pitch influencers to promote a current app or one that you have an idea..
  • If you want to get an app featured by apple, we can help with that
  • If you want to get 1 on 1 help we can talk about that
  • If you want premium solutions for your apps in traffic buying we will have options for that
  • If you want to know how to create a sweet casino static, gif or video creative we can help with that
  • If you want to diversely monetize your games instead of just ads and the rare in app purchase, then we can help with that
  • If you want to create back end marketing campaigns for your apps we will be talking about this
  • If you want to learn more about retention tactics that work then stick around
  • If you want to motivate users to actually purchase your IAP’s then we can help with IF/then statements in your apps

That’s just some of the things we will be implementing, testing, tweaking, sharing and creating in 2017.

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Until next time,

Todd Smith


PS, If you are wondering why I didn’t address the focus to 7 figures then let me remind you that I did, it’s just not in bold.  My 3 generalized areas of focus are the path, but the question is how to do it in the right order that allows me to leverage profits for more growth. It would be nice to use someone else’s money but this year t’s all bootstrapped.  Time will show the execution.

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