Update:  We recommend looking into the Bingo source code.

We just crossed the 2-month mark for another casino app reskin that we created, using the same “20 Line Slot Machine” source code that Carter Thomas  has made available at bluecloudsolutions.com on this page.

Carter Thomas - BlueCloudSolutions.com
Carter Thomas – BlueCloudSolutions.com

Conveniently, we’ve also released a full video course on how to reskin this app from the moment you purchase the source code, to submitting to the App Store. It’s super comprehensive, yet incredibly manageable. After you see these results, you might very well be sold. You can get the course here.

Here are the results for the second reskin we made of this code:

Halloween Casino Icon

Title: “Halloween Casino – Slot Machine with Bonus Games”

Released: September 12, 2013


  • scary, spooky, gambling, slots, spin, win, coin, treat, play, candy, chip, ghost, cash, trick, jackpot, contest, cat
  • Think we’re crazy for telling you this? SensorTower is like 95% accurate, anyway, so you could’ve just looked it up yourself

Expenses: $140

  • Code: $0. Why? We already purchased the code and re-skinned this game before. We counted the cost of the code into that post.
  • Stock Graphics: $40
  • Development: $0
  • TapJoy Ads: $100

Income: $2,109.81

  • Revmob: $32.98 (-5%)
  • Chartboost: $367.73 (+100%)
  • PlayHaven: $39.99 (-27%)
  • AppLovin: $1,669.11 (+307%)(% change compared to our first reskin)
  • In-App Purchases: $116.61 – $34.98 Apple Share = $81.63

Net after 2 months: +$2,051.44

# of Downloads: 7,462 (+68%)


1. Again, we really can do the graphic and development work ourselves. It’s not that difficult… And each re-skin takes less and less time. You can do this, too! Learn how to re-skin the entire source code in about an hour here.

2. AppLovin continues to dominate eCPMs compared to other ad networks in this genre. We learned that from the last version of this code and decided to show more AppLovin ads. We also decided not to promote this through our gigantic Instagram network like we did with Animal Wheel. This improved our eCPM, because we didn’t have a ton of kids coming in that didn’t know what they were getting themselves into. SIDE NOTE: Speaking of gigantic Instagram network, this has been another very profitable project for us, and Lee is currently working on an eBook that explains how we managed to get 100,000 Instagram followers in a month. We’re super excited about that–more details coming soon.

Halloween Casino - AppLovin Income

3. PlayHaven made about a quarter less money than Animal Wheel, but this is probably because we also cross-promoted our own games in the “More Games” page. When we released Animal Wheel, we didn’t have any other games to promote in PlayHaven, so every install was revenue for us.

4. Paying for TapJoy “Rewarded Installs” wasn’t worth it, even at only $0.10 per download. At best, we broke even. We wouldn’t recommend this unless you’re making $0.50+ per download. This app makes $0.30 per download, which is still incredible for the amount of effort put in.

5. Theme, icon, screen shots – Unlike Animal Wheel, I took a whole 2 minutes to do this icon… I just took one of the slot machine images and used it for the icon, and this performed so much better than Animal Wheel. Sure, you can say that it was due to the overall theme, but this icon is just a lot cleaner. Combine that with so little work put in, we’re definitely going to use this strategy going forward. But there’s also a good course on Udemy that gives you Photoshop files and a great tutorial on how to make your own great-looking icons very quickly/cost-effectively. It’s normally $97, but you can access the 50% off coupon here. That course also comes with an automation tool that will resize your icons in like 2 seconds so that you don’t have to keep saving it over and over for different sizes. Very cool.

As for the theme, we thought it would be risky, since “Halloween” obviously has a very limited lifespan and we knew there would be a lot of other Halloween apps out there. But the results speak for themselves.

Screen shots were exactly that—screen shots—nothing special, but again, the images just looked a lot cleaner this time around.

Screen Shot example

Again, we didn’t bother spending time to add text and call outs on these images. Personally, I don’t think this is worth the time.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and insights on what worked and what didn’t in your opinion, and if you’ve bought this source code, what you’ve learned as well.

Coming soon: More results coming (and yes, we made a holiday/Christmas version of this app), and crazy ways we’ve been able to get nearly a quarter million app downloads in 6 months using Instagram as an ad platform. You’ll definitely want to hear about that!

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23 thoughts on ““Halloween Casino” results from 20 Line Slot Machine Source Code

  1. Definitely interested in hearing about how to use IG for advertising. I’ve definitely found that RM sucks in this app. Doesn’t make much for me either. I’ve never tried promoting my own apps in Playhaven. Are you able to tell how many installs you get? If so, did it get you a lot of installs? So cool that you just added an icon for the icon. I kept seeing this app in the rankings and thought the icon really stood out. Had no idea it took seconds to create. Congrats on the numbers!

    1. Thanks! Good question about seeing how many installs you get… I don’t see the specific results in PlayHaven, only the conversion rate (of 6.25%). So we probably didn’t get very many installs at all. We’ll keep you posted on the Instagram info! Thanks again

  2. Congrats on your success guys. I was wondering is the animal slot game still earning money for you? or do these type of apps drop out after a couple months? Thanks.

    1. Hey Clyde,

      Revenue does tend to diminish, and it depends from app to app. The best strategy to take with this is to reskin one app in a bunch of different ways. This takes down your cost because it becomes cheaper and cheaper with each re-skin. If you only make one version, you’re not making full use of the code.
      That’s also why we recommend learning how to reskin it yourself (see the course mentioned in the blog). It’s pretty easy and if you can create one a week, you’ll be in a good position to keep revenues flowing.

  3. When you reskin the same
    source code (like the slot machine), are you using the same iTunes developer account or separate accounts? Just wondering if Apple notices that it’s basically the same game with different characters. Thanks. Great info and thanks for sharing your stats.

    1. Hi Chris,

      We have reskinned this same source code 4 times on the same account without a problem. I think that as long as you don’t have them be the same theme, it should pass. That said, you could always get a reviewer that’s in a bad mood and doesn’t like what you’re doing… but with that, you could just create a new app, re-upload the same code, and get a different reviewer who is fine with it.
      If you plan to reskin it 10+ times, use the same theme more than once, or plan to reskin incredibly quickly (like more than 1/week), I think it makes sense to get multiple accounts.
      But if you’re just starting out, I’d start with one account. After you get your feet wet, you’ll probably have a good idea of how many you can reskin/how quickly and if it feels shady to do multiple on one account (or you have two versions of the same source code waiting for review at the same time), you could get another account.

      1. hi, can i ask if what kind of license you bought from graphicriver when you reskinned the game? is it the single license or the other unlimited use option?

        I am planning to buy my first source code but with an unlimited license, so im guessing you chose the “single use” item option for the graphicriver asset since we can’t really submit the same source code with the same graphics?

        Thanks a lot, your site is an awesome find 😀

          1. I see, thanks! I’m just about to start and try this business model, so I was looking to have less expense too, the graphicriver tip for graphics is a really cool one.

            But the license says “Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for.”

            So i think we are still complying on their terms? since we will use this graphics for a FREE app?

            and we are earning money by monetizing the apps , through ads?


  4. Hey guys, love your ebook on IG, what marketing strategies did you use to promote this app? and what was the main audience for this app (assuming you used some sort of analytics) any response would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    1. Hi Tom,

      The only marketing we did for this app was some paid advertising (getting approximately 1000 paid downloads), but this wasn’t successful. The most successful and revenue-generating portion was through organic downloads.
      As expected with most casino games, the demographic is 80% female, and most of the users (60%+) are 35 years old or over.


  5. Hey Justin. Would love to hear update about this source code. Have really been comtemplating on buying it from Carter. Want to see how your #’s are doing after the first two months. Thanks!

    1. Hi Karen,

      After Halloween, the app slowed down a lot. A slowdown is common for all apps, and why it is highly recommended that you reskin one source code as many times as possible. But this app gets a double whammy because it’s extremely seasonal with the Halloween theme. So after Halloween, revenue did heavily decline. It made another $150 or so since then. One other note is that we never made a paid version of this app, like “Halloween Casino Pro.” Had we done this, we probably would’ve made another couple hundred dollars.

  6. Hi, thanks for sharing information about your app reskinning. It’s so refreshing to see hard numbers when others are just out there pushing the concept without supporting it with real numbers. Having said that, may I respectfully ask if you have any other numbers you can share? I’m looking for more examples/proof of the sustainability of income from continuously reskinning apps. I am interested in doing it too, but I fear it’s already saturated and/or it’s too hard to get downloads. What are your thoughts on the current market environment and related opportunities? And do you have numbers to share to support it? (or a source of other people’s numbers) Thanks!

    1. Sometimes it’s saturated and difficult to get downloads if you’re dealing with a very popular source code and your theme isn’t very original. That’s why volume is important–the more source codes you can create, the better your chances. Some will be winners, and some will only make pennies a day. It’s just the nature of the beast. But this is much safer than building an app from scratch and not knowing what your results will be. If your idea is new, your app might not get the downloads you expect, and you will have spent 10 times the money or more in the process… so we continue to believe it is a solid model, and if you’re new to apps, it’s definitely the way to go as it’s lower risk and you learn a ton while you’re at it. For some more information about saturation of the app store, search for our post: “Reskinning Apps and Market Saturation”

  7. Hi,

    Nice article. I´m trying to get into indie dev myself.
    Do you have any experience working with Leadbolt advertising?

    Thank you,

    1. We integrated it before, but at the time, we weren’t too thrilled on the look of the ads or the idea of audio-only ads so we never used it in a live app. It’s been a while since we’ve done that, though.

  8. this is one of the most encouraging posts I have come across on this topic. I am praying that you guys respond to emails. Great stuff, a treasure trove.

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