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Hey! Coming to you from HNL (Honolulu International Airport)!
The BC app event is over and it’s time to head back to Ohio, but fortunately the weather is starting to warm up there.

I will probably do a full writeup or video of this event, but for now here are a few key takeaways:

1.) Connecting with people in person really can take you to the next level. This is my 4th consecutive BC event and 2nd time going in Hawaii. I’ve ween to HI last year, Amsterdam and SF. With each one it gets better and better. The relationships, the ideas, the execution.

It’s great seeing people that are doing much more than you and also people that are just starting out. Here’s why. Obviously rubbing shoulders with he “big dogs” has it’s advantages, but when you get to chat with people just starting out, they ask questions that get you thinking about your own projects. You also have a chance to help them the way you could have used the same help. Last year someone explained that if you get one nugget, one thing, one good idea or ah-ha moment then your trip is paid for. Well, I got my first one the first night and about 30 seconds later got #2. I said cheers, clicked glasses with him, took a sip of my beer and knew it was going to be a great weekend. They didn’t stop. Nugget after nugget. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does, I won’t don’t get in the way.


2.) When I used to go to conferences or events in my former corporate life, most of the time they were mandatory and not very exciting. Of course I know you get what you put into them, but without making this complicated, not all jobs, industries, or opportunities are golden. So when you are at the events like this.. it can be more run out the clock situation. A lot of those were ones that we had to be at regardless if they made sense. You, just show up, show your face and shake some hands.

With that being said, the notes or ideas I would get were never carried out. They would go in a folder and get buried in all the other stuff in life. However this time, I am going to make it a point to take the notes, put them into excel doc to track progress. We grow by taking action and taking advantage of the opportunities we find or create.


3.) Chatting with friends and new acquaintances really reminded me that it’s easy to get caught up with your own limiting beliefs. Whether it be monthly revenue, crazy adventures or selling a business for crazy money. A lot of the people that are achieving a monthly level of income that may exceed your annual salary or revenue are not doing anything too complicated or crazy.

I’m not saying it’s easy. What I’m saying is they are just doing MORE of what you are doing. They are also probably only doing the things that pay off. The 80/20 rule or maybe even 90/10. So if a system or app is producing good monthly revenue that yields you a profit, then take that number and 5x,10x,20x,100x+ it. They are taking what works and pouring gas on the fire. Maybe I used to understand this, but I didn’t believe it could be me. Then in the past few months we’ve upped our revenue quite a bit and now I can see that to double it for next month might take double the users / customers, but it’s possible. As cashflow and capital increases more growth is possible. Month after month. Of course you need a profitable product and it’s even better if you believe in it, but it’s absolutely in reach.
I know a few of you that get these emails were at the event so I want to say HEY!! and it was great catching up. See you at the next one.

During the event the Emoji Domination course closed up and I meant to send another email, but the time difference sorta messed that up. Thanks again to all those that joined. It’s the system we are using right now to rapidly increase our revenue. Now that it’s closed it may be awhile till it’s offered again, but you can always click on the blue link above to be put on the waiting list.

There are a few secret projects in the works so hopefully I can share down the line.

I don’t mean things we are going to sell. I mean things we are going to use in our app business. New app projects and tools.

Have a great week. We are going to be getting back to it!




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