Why is it such a great time to publish and sell apps?

Some industries decay very rapidly, but app success stories continue to amaze me. There are more opportunities than ever and if you don’t believe me, then you’re proving my point.

Loads of people have moved on to other things which has left a lot of low handing fruit.

There is:
  1. Less Competition
  2. More flexibility
  3. Proven Repeatable (In Todays Market) Systems that can be followed
  4. Less Commitment
  5. More (in video)

A few weeks ago I found out one of our previous customers was using his unlimited license to it’s full potential by producing, launching, profiting one game at a time.

Instead of releasing a bunch of low quality reskins that would presumably spam the store, produce little revenue and be left to die, this developer would >

  • Research to find an underserved niche
  • Get great high quality low cost graphics made
  • Reskin the game and Launch
  • Promote using Chartboost / Facebook Ads
  • Monetize with Chartboost Video Ads
  • Sell the Entire App on Flippa for 4-6x avg. monthly profit


I was very excited about this system as it’s much more strategic and profitable than most apps that are created from app templates. If you missed this case study you can read the full breakdown in this blog post by clicking the link below >

This really got me thinking about incredible potential of publishing casino games in todays market so I decided to create a completely new offering that will allow those that have been on the fence, less barrier to entry.

If you are thinking, “why is there such an incredible opportunity these days, rather than in the past?”

The quick answer is >

  • Apple cleaned the store and removed a ton of spam casino apps taking valuable high payout ad impressions
  • The “big dog” casino apps are making more and more money
  • Their average revenue per user (ARPU) is increasing
  • They can pay more money to acquire users because their volume makes up for slimmer margins. For example. If they spend 1 million on ads and net back 25-50k in profit on that ad spend. If we spend $1 and get back .025 to .05 (a nickel) it isn’t so appealing
  • This attracts new investors to try create their own casino games to get a piece of the pie
  • They launch and need to get users fast so they can pay break-even or loss pricing to aquire said users
  • This competition drives up prices
  • These prices I speak of reflect the cash these huge games are willing to pay us (the developer of smaller casino games) to display ads for their games
  • We filter ads to only display the highest payouts


It’s a win, win, win.

  1. We earn a little getting them the users.
  2. They earn a little more from these users.
  3. The users themselves get the best entertainment in the casino app market.


All this from publishing casino slots game using our template, resources and methods.

So in summary there has never been a better time to publish casino games and we have never provided so many extras and bonuses for such an incredible price.

Some of these bonuses include advertising mini courses, assets to help you reskin and much more.



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