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I got a recent email from Allen who is a past customer on a few things including the Mega Jackpot Slots Template. If you want to hear more about Mega Jackpot Slots and when it may launch in the future check out this blog post. To sign up for updates scroll to the bottom, but I suggest you check out the whole post.

Allen asked about:

1.) How my app business has been going this year

2.) Facebook Advertising for slots in the US vs. South America

3.) Chartboost Advertising

4.) Chartboost Publishing. How to get awesome CTR, IR and eCPM’s

5.) Improvements for the MJS template

I answer these questions and also dive into the emoji craze and why they are a great project to get into regardless of how much money you make on the app itself.

Here is another post about the emoji Craze:

Watch the main video here:

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