Awhile back, I wrote a blog post explaining how a developer was making over 253% ROI on his apps and how you could too.


If you didn’t see the case study, check it out by clicking the title below >

> A successful developer earning 253% ROI with our template (source code) <

A lot of people emailed me with excitement.

One of the main apps or templates this developer was using to generate these results was none other than our proven Mega Jackpot Slots.

It was the art of using Chartboost to not only monetize the game with video ads, but to also acquire users.

I call it an art because some of us are better at one or the other. Either getting the users or monetizing them.

I have used (and still do) use Facebook ads to acquire users, but this Developer uses Chartboost for everything.



The Simplicity 

It’s naturally appealing because of the simplicity.

  1. You launch an app with the Chartboost SDK (MJS already has this in place)
  2. Deposit a few hundred bucks into Chartboost (for ads)
  3. Set your campaigns up with some creatives and start advertising
  4. Once users are acquired with chartboost ads, they are monetized with chartboost ads and this is already setup (the ad placements) on MJS
  5. You take your earnings and transfer it back to the ad side and repeat.
  6. Your are using your profits to grow rather than more of your own cash


The Update

Recently I was chatting back and forth with this developer and it seems he’s still doing this with successful results.

The reason I love this is because things can change pretty quick in the world of apps, but 8 months after writing the blog post, it’s still working well with no sings up letting up. He’s even started to branch into different app genres, but casino still has the highest payout because the of crazy high eCPM’s ($75-$200+)!

So if you were waiting to see if things would cool off, Unfortunately they have not.
But, fortunately for you that means you can stop putting off your plans to launch a profitable app.

The System 

In an overly simplified explanation on  what is being done.

  1. Publish a Casino Game
  2. Run and Monetize with Chartboost Ads
  3. Earn a profit and reinvest your earnings to make more cash

That’s it.



The Summary 

It’s really never been easier and I’ll tell you why. In the past, I’d generally run ads with Facebook (which I still think is great) and monetize with Chartboost. However, being able to do everything on one platform makes is super easier to monitor.

Step 1: You publish your casino game with Mega Jackpot Slots (best casino template on the market and proven).

Step 2: You Run Chartboost ads and earn money following simple steps from the same developer that I wrote the case study about 8 months ago.

Step 3: You Earn and reinvest to earn more


The Offer

I’ve put together a deal where for 5 days only, we are discounting Mega Jackpot Slots by 22%!

It’s normally $897 and we’ve marked it down to $697

This developer (that is wrote the case study about 8 months ago) has put together an easy to follow course that teaches you how to monetize and earn with Chartboost ads in your casino game.

This course is usually given to buyers of his already successful casino games and those listings range from $2,000 to $7200. So you could say this is a premium course, but for a limited time he want’s to offer it to anyone that has buys or bought Mega Jackpot Slots in the past.

The price for the course is $297 and I don’t think it’s going to stay there long. I tried to convince him to charge $997 for it, but he wanted to make is available for less so more people can take advantage.

It really is a game changer because you no longer have to wait and stress about getting downloads. You just acquire users from the same platform you generate ad revenue from.

That’s the genius in it.

You can quickly see how much you spent that day and how much you earned.


Summer Sale!

To read more about the opportunity…

Check out our enrollment page here 

From there you can find the checkout page to claim the summer sale special of $200 off (22%).

Anyone that purchases this offer will have the chance to buy the largely discounted course of the original developer that I published the case study about 8 months ago. If you haven’t read that case study you need to check it out now before doing anything else.

Click the title below >

A successful developer earning 253% ROI with our template (source code)

If you have already purchased Mega Jackpot slots and want a link to purchase this advertising course, click here to email me.



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