Here’s a list of our “how to make an app tutorials.” Be sure to check back often for more, and/or sign up for our mailing list on the right to be updated when new tutorials are posted–and last:


How to Reskin App Graphics Using Adobe Illustrator and Licensed Graphics: A One-Hour Video Tutorial – $19

  • Available now for only $19 – Buy Now

Reskin a Bingo Source Code for iPhone and iPad – FREE

Reskin a Personality Quiz Source Code for iPhone – FREE

Available now FOR FREE: Reskin a Personality Quiz Source Code Free

Reskinning an iOS App From Start to Finish (Using Random Facts Generator Source Code)

Beginner XCode Programming (Using Photo Booth Source Code)

How to Make an iPhone App (Using Multi-Line Slot Machine Code)

Produce an iOS7 App – Reskin a Video Poker Code in XCode


And some free YouTube tutorials we made to get you started:

Part IA: Rare Setups

  1. Tutorial 1 – Certificates – Once a year
  2. Tutorial 2 – Register Your Devices and Test Accounts – Register once per device and you only need one test account

Part IB: Setting Up a New App

  1. Tutorial 3 – Preparing the App for Testing
  2. Tutorial 4 – Testing Your App for the First Time in Xcode

2 thoughts on “How to Make an App Tutorials

  1. Hi!

    I’ve actually enrolled in your Reskinning an iOS App From Start to Finish (Using Random Facts Generator Source Code) class on UDEMY. I’ve purchased some code to reskin, and am on my way in the app game! I had a couple of questions for you guys:

    1. Do payments from APPLE occur as direct deposits to your bank acct on file or are live checks sent to your place of business?

    2. Can you share the current state of 20 line slot machine games? I’d assume you are well in the black in terms of ROI at this point.

    3. Have you reskinned any other apps available in the app store?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    – Dre

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for enrolling in the courses.

      1) It’s direct deposit to your bank account
      2) Yeah, we’ve netted over $5000 on that app alone
      3) Yep–most of our apps are from source codes–search “Pixtant LLC” in the App Store to see what we’ve reskinned.

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