The following is our video response to independent app developers wondering about the profitability of app reskinning:

If you’ve been around the app development world for some time, you might’ve heard that app reskinning is dead, or not profitable anymore, or anything along those lines. It makes me laugh. Independent app developers from a wide range of experience are claiming this, but in my eyes, they all have something in common: a lack of persistence and originality. I guess that’s somewhat expected since the whole idea of app reskinning originates from a concept of not being original. But therein lies the problem. In any business, you need to be original. This does not mean, however, that app reskinning doesn’t work. You just need to think about the method in a different way once the idea is mainstream. That’s what we’ve been doing, and it continues to work for us, paying my salary, all the while allowing me to live in Southern California. Check out the whole video. It will change the way you think about your app business.  

(April 2016 Update)

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11 thoughts on “[VIDEO]: Is App Reskinning Dead? Is App Reskinning Profitable?

  1. Hi,

    With long tail keywords can I break sentence the up with commas or does it help to have them as a sentence on itunes connect ?

    Thanks guys,


  2. Interesting offer you guys have. I have been following you guys for a while, and all you refer to in the video makes a lot of sense… But while looking into the Content-Based approach you guys use, it is clear that the CBC approach is only as good as your ability to find the niches that are trending at a given time.

    Will the accompanying videos provide hints as too how to proceed to search for niches and scale up with the reskins ? Or are we pretty much on our own after the purchase ? All the best!

    1. There are many ways to go about finding niches–Google trends is a favorite of mine.
      The videos are about reskinning, but marketing is up to you. We find the marketing pretty simple when using the approach talked about in the CBC video (think of a category and search the App Store for competition).
      I don’t think it needs to be more complicated than that!

  3. Hi Justin, I watched your video and you have a very interesting approach to focusing on niches and content based codes. Do you publish all your games under Pixtant? I looked up the Daily quiz game on the App Store and was surprised to see mostly 1 and 2 star reviews due to too many ads. Did you have success with this app despite the negative reviews? Do you have other niche specific examples you can share like a “Grey’s Anatomy” type quiz? Thanks, Kevin

    1. Hi Kevin,
      We do have multiple accounts and we don’t share those because we don’t want everyone using the exact same ideas.
      The Daily Quiz app was released in the App Store for the purpose of being an example for our readers. That’s why there are a bunch of ads (we wanted the developers to see all the possibilities for ads). But despite that, the app has made over $600 on its own.
      With a little brainstorming, you could come up with a ton of different ideas, from TV to movies to music or anything else in the entertainment category. Even education could be utilized.
      Hope this helps!

  4. Hi Justin, it’s interesting. From my experience IAPs don’t account for more than 1-2% of app downloads, and ads usually have made more money in comparison to IAPs. In this game from the stats you’re giving, I am seeing almost no revenue from ads, even though the code is packed with ads. My sense is that ads are not converting well in these types of apps, and you pretty much have to rely on IAPs. Is that your experience as well, or I am missing something.

    1. Hi Lev,

      We recently changed the ads to StartApp, which have been producing more revenue than the other networks that we don’t recommend anymore. But I do agree that in-app purchases are higher in this app than normal, which is actually a great sign. I’d much rather have high in-app purchases than money from ads, because IAPs show that people are actually interested in the app itself, and not someone else’s.

      1. Thanks Justin for taking time to reply. Got you about the IAPs and ads. Have found another blog post from you with a specific revenue breakdown of Daily Quiz. Very helpful.

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