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The holidays are getting close and it’s easy to sit back and take it easy. I mean breaks are good right?

Sure they are, but if you take a break at the wrong time you’ll be worse off when you try and start up again so why not get some plans together now?

I’m doing a lot of internal planning to make sure when I step away for 2-3 days I come back with a clear vision complete with >

  • overall big picture objectives
  • small picture objectives
  • tasks in line to hit those objectives

Earlier in the week we sent out an email about a few cool emoji builder apps we built and offered a blog post showing some of the process and ABSOLUTE Potential!

The response has been huge!

At the end of that blog post was a simple form where you could enter your email address (even if you are already a subscriber) so I know to email you more info about our emoji builder.

A lot of you already entered your email and I appreciate that!


If you missed it, just enter you email below:



Publishing emoji builder app like ours is crazy fun + cheap on the design side (even if you have no existing emoji apps). If you do have an emoji apps it’s practically free.

The subject of this email was, “Jump start your app business in 2018 with a bang!

What’s the bang I speak of? More general info on this in another email, but app related >>

What better edge than to take something everyone loves (emojis) and make them better. Niche emoji apps dominated the app store this year and the overall demand doesn’t seem to be letting up. People still love emojis, they just want more.  Apple is in full support, especially with on the iMessage side. It’s sooo easy and quick to navigate through your options (see image below)

  1. More visual customization (emoji builders)
  2. More custom audio / visual customization (Animojis on iPhone X)
  3. Digital Touch Messages
  4. Searchable GIFS
  5. More pre-made animated / gifs

More more more!
Screen Shot 2017-12-22 at 3.29.22 PM


Most emoji builders out there are owned by huge companies and the worst part is…they’re out of date. Users are loosing content because updates wipe out data, the designs are dated, and themes are very blaaa.

Big companies are also slower to react to customer requests and some are flat out abandoning apps because they didn’t build them to update frequently. Being a smaller
company we don’t have those issues.  

We are doing things like >

  • Putting hats, bowties, masks, glasses, sunglasses, etc on dogs
  • Creating completely custom nurse avatars with eye, mouth, skin color, head shape, neck width, scrub color, hair color / style, glasses, stethoscope color, etc
  • Allowing users to but backgrounds behind the emojis
  • Allow users to add text to the background to create memes


Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 6.46.36 PM (2)

All without LEAVING the app. We took a lot of cool features people love to use in multiple apps and gave them ability to do it quicker in one app.

If you are focusing on a niche within the app store, let’s say Dalmatian dogs. There might be a Dalmatian dog emoji app, but there sure isn’t any that can put cool layers like hats and bowties. Getting an edge like this is crucial for your app companies growth and survival in 2018.





Anyway, my point is, if you want us to keep you up to date on this new type of customization “bang” that can be applied to endless niches CLICK HERE and we send it your way when it’s ready.


If you want nothing to do with emoji apps, that’s totally cool because the process we took to create an emoji builder…you can take in your on space..whatever that is. If its in apps >

  • Photo apps are your thing…cool. Then go out and see what people love to do with photos, combine a few new features, mine reviews of other apps, and release your new photo apps
  • Games? Same thing above.


Until next time..


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