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A few funny things about creating a winner >


  • Winning or a winner is very relative
  • It’s usually not the app you think it will be


It’s important to understand if you don’t know what a “win” is for you and you’re convinced that you’ll know it when you see it, I’m warning you that can be a slippery slope.

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Winning or a winner is very relative


For you could be just getting your first profitable app that brings in enough to pay for the costs and then generates $200-300 a month.  For me, it might be much more. However, when I first started out (and even to this day), it was easy to focus on the wrong metrics. I will go into this more deeply below.



It’s usually not the app you think it will be


Over time I’ve gotten better picking ideas that will do better, but I might be in love with and that’s ok. Starting out, it’s easy to pick all your most exciting ideas (to you) and then you get into a situation where you are explaining why people should be excited about your “thing” and why they should tell everyone they know, etc. At that point, it’s hard to save a project like that without throwing a ton of cash into ads and marketing.


We aren’t putting together a cheap book shelf you ordered off the internet. You shouldn’t need to explain 53 steps to someone on how to use your app or why it’s awesome. The average person in your demo should pick it up, start using it and “get it” relatively quick. Sure you can have little tutorials or instructions, but it should be easy and fun. The way I try to sift through my ideas these days is immediately think of the user.



Questions to ask?

  • Is the prospective user Male or Female?
  • Age?
  • Location?
  • What do they like?
  • Where do they hang out (online and off)?
  • Etc



How will I reach them?


  • Do I have other apps I can cross promote?
  • Email lists of other app users that are in my demo?
  • Facebook Pages?
  • Friends / Family with social media or reaches in this area?
  • Can I pull a decent audience from Facebook ads using layered targeting?



Competition. Is there any and is that good or bad?


I used to love getting an idea and then searching to find out that no one has done it yet. Now, I don’t really like because I’m going to be the first one through the door. It can be time consuming, expensive, and has a high rate of failure. If we are trying to change something too big or invent a new “thing”, it takes awhile. People are resistant. I’d rather see my “thing” exists, but was executed poorly.

Maybe it’s a high-quality product, but they screwed up the positioning, or ads, or something we can fix.


Maybe they nailed all of the positioning, ads and marketing, but the product is lousy and users are complaining about it. You could improve the product and follow their plans that already worked for them.


Take aways 

1.) Know who your user is and how you will reach them once the app is done. Building an app is full of highs and lows, but nothing drops your excitement faster than a newly released app that is getting almost no downloads despite your effort to share it’s live. Know ahead of time who these poeple are and how you’re going to get it in front of them. Regardless if it’s a paid or free app, they all have conversion numbers. How many people visited the app page and how many downloaded it? You have a ton of variables here like your screenshots, icon, message, call to action, price, app preview video, etc, but you will still have a number. The percentage of people that said “Yes” to your offer. Sometimes it’ really low like 3% and sometimes it’s 15%+.

What is my point? My point is, most of the time, if you built a solid app, but can’t get downloads, it’s because you need more traffic, not because your app is awful. So if you don’t have a plan before you are LIVE to reach more people, then it will be a let down when you don’t have a ton of downloads out of the gate. The best way I’ve found do make sure you have people waiting for your app is to build up suspense on social media and have them follow your new app page / account + signup for an email list. That way when it’s live, you can blast an email out and post on social media. You can even message them directly on Instagram, FB, etc.


2.) Know what a WIN is for you. Is it making $1,000 in the first 10 days or $100 or $10,000+. Set a goal and then work backwards to make the math work.


3.) Example of $1,000 in app revenue from a paid app in the first 2-4 weeks.

  • Maybe your paid app converts at 15% and it cost $2.99
  • You want to make $1000 from it so after Apple fees (or google), you need to generate about $1450 in sales which is 485 downloads
  • To get 485 downloads you need about 3200 people to see your app page
  • So how can you get 3200 people to your app page? How about 100 die hard fans that signed up with 32 friends on their channels that would want to check it out.
  • You email 100 die hard fans that have been chumping at the bit for your app, tell them it’s LIVE and to share on their social media and tag anyone is into the “thing” your app does.
  • Because you built this list of die hard fans that are psyched just to see your app exist, you’d be surprised how much they will do for you. I’ve actually had these users chime in on facebook with supported related questions because they become so familiar with the app. It’s crazy and it’s much much better than tried to find the people your app is for after the fact. Sure, you want to scale up and turn your 100 die hard fans into 200, 500,1000+, but you need to start somewhere and most people can scrounge up 30-50-100 people to signup for the release. If not, then maybe that’s a sign people don’t care. Now you just saved your self thousands of dollars + headache of building something no one will ever want.



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