Paid user acquisition (UA) is a part of the game now. Good news, it’s not as hard or expensive as you think..IF you know how to do it. 

“Learning from people that are already achieving what you want to achieve is a surefire way to accelerate your progress and increase your chances for success” (Me)

For the last few months I have been talking about things like:

  • Going from a corporate job to full time app developer
  • Why casino games can be the best to generate revenue with less users
  • How an indie developer with a small or large budget can use paid app installs to control their downloads and revenue
  • How to fairly leverage your users to generate $100+ eCPM’s for you
  • Our new mega jackpot slots app template packed with features

I know there is always something to learn and separating the oversupply of information and tactics is what helped get me results. People love to talk about hacks and shortcuts. I’ve never been a huge fan of these because by the time I hear about them it’s usually too late, yet someone is trying to sell me on how it’s still possible.  Instead, I find it more valuable to just keep my finger on the pulse of what other indie devs are doing (at all levels) that are actually getting real world results. The problem I had was sifting through the endless amounts of hype and gimmicks.  When you do this solely online it can be difficult because anyone can throw up a landing page with Leadpages and look legit.

The solution? Go to events or at least meet people face to face.

You know shake some hands, have some conversations that aren’t about work and hopefully have a few beers.


Just because we publish apps and license software and services doesn’t mean I should live in a box and never get out there.  So that’s what I did. I started going to events and then setting up times to meet up after the events. You know, like having a connection with people and then building on that to create friendships.

You can try to do everything yourself, but why? There are so many opportunities out there if you just take a minute to think how you could help someone else.

The two events I’ve went to so far have been hosted by Carter Thomas and the team over at Bluecloud Solutions.

The event back in May was held in Hawaii and the September event was in Amsterdam. Going to events like these allowed me to network with other developers and played a big role in getting to the next level.  They have one coming up in November called The Bluecloud Summit. I will be attending this one too so hopefully I’ll see you there!

To get the most out of events like this I’m starting to realize the more value I can share and give to others the more I have been getting back.  I didn’t think through what I was going to provide (in terms of value) so when I was asked that on that hour 1 of day 1 at the Amsterdam event..haha I wasn’t ready to explain it. So I spit out a bunch of gibberish lol.


However, I quickly realized what I had to offer and jumped into conversations.

So from now until that November event (about 30 days out) I’ve setup several goals for me to hit so I can share my tactics and results. Having something fresh and relevant to share is much better than you starting out a conversation with, “yea, I’ve been trying some new keywords and…”

If you are wondering, “what would I have to share? I’ve been so busy trying to keep up with things let alone learn new strategies to try, measure them and offer value”

Over the next 30 days I hope to have some wins and will probably have a few losses. Those losses are great to share because if you can keep someone from making the same mistakes as you, that’s massive value. On a monetary and psychological level.

Sure, failure is learning, but you need enough wins to offset the failures. If you can avoid just a FEW of these, then that may make the difference in you having a full time app business that leads to other things vs. waking up unhappy in 10 years after you get laid off from your corporate job.

We all have something to offer. It may take you a minute to find a way to describe it (like it did for me), but it’s there.

Paid user acquisition is one the most talked about, yet misunderstood topics today and will continue to be into next year.

I don’t care if it is:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Web traffic to mobile landing pages
  • Networking advertising campaigns
  • Non incentivized vs incentivized for the best LTV
  • Something weird
  • Something sketchy
  • Apple paid search discovery

Even if you couldn’t make it to previous events like I attended for whatever reason, I have a way for you to still peak behind to curtain to see what the top developers are doing.

I’m talking about the way the big dogs, little dogs, and the pros that are winning. Day in and day out.  

They come in all sizes but being able to get new app users with paid acquisition for crazy low cost per install rates can put you in control of your business.  If you think it’s too expensive, think again. My first campaign had a daily budget set at $2.50! Not $250, $2 dollars and 50 cents.

Where will this cool opportunity take place you ask?

Simple. Over at Bluecloud with a webinar. 

When? This Friday.

You can see how to sign up for the webinar here.


I will be there so hopefully you can make some time to attend.

You may have heard me mention transparency in some of my emails and videos. So here is some more transparency:

When you don’t take advantage of an opportunity like this you’re kinda saying NO to getting ahead.  When someone takes the time to organize their best practices, tools and tactics in one spot it’s like a shortcut.  As mentioned above, not big on shady hacks or shortcuts that bypass hard work, so don’t think of it like that kinda shortcut.

Think of it like the kind that let’s you consume the information and take action that day. It’s that specific, organized and actionable.

From what I’ve seen from attending two of Carter Thomas’ Bluecloud events (Hawaii & Amsterdam), both him and team go way above and beyond to deliver value. I was blown away both times and that’s why it’s important surround yourself with people like this.  Not just the content of presentations and speakers, I’m talking about just casual conversations and solving problems.

To register for this webinar before they cap it off click here.

(they can’t have too many people because the questions would go on for days)

See you in there Friday!


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