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Mega Jackpot Slots


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Product Description

It’s Finally Here! Mega Jackpot Slots!


This app template has been under development for a few months after requests to build it.

The request was for a multi theme slots app template with more modern features like Facebook Integration / Daily Bonus Spins and much more. The hard part was keeping it under 100MB, but we did it! Currently our version is LIVE in the store from 70.4 MB to 80.4 MB, depending on what device you install it on.

The walkthrough video is a must watch if you are interested in the best multi theme casino app template on the market! Watch it below or see it above with the screen shots.

(No guessing what you will get after purchase. What you see is what you get.)



Mega Jackpot Slots is expertly designed to make your [Developer] life easier and take the [User] experience over the top!

  • Facebook Login Integration
  • Facebook Invite friends for coins
  • Facebook Share for coins
  • Twitter Share for coins
  • Hourly Bonus Coins with location notification to remind the to come claim coins
  • Daily Bonus Spin Wheel with local notification to remind them to come spin

See our LIVE version in the store HERE


Compatibility & Extras:

  • 64 Bit and iOS 10 Ready.
  • Runs Great with Xcode Version 8
  • Google Analytics with 30+ Events already setup. Just change your ID.
  • Easily toggle your ad placements on / off 10+ placements.
  • Use for Free and Paid Version
  • Pushwoosh integrated
  • Universal Design Ready (iPad / iPhone)
  • Game Center Integaration
  • Local Notifications


Ad Networks 

  • Applovin
  • Chartboost

Ad Placements (You can use interstitials or video ads)

  • Launch
  • Every ___ spins.  You can set this up like: Every 5,10,21 spins it shows and ad, then starts over)
  • Menu to game
  • Game to menu
  • Lobby to game
  • Game to lobby
  • Game to settings
  • Game to payable info
  • Level Completed


In App Purchases:

  • (6) Coin Packs
  • (4) 2x Boosts Packs
  • (4) 3x Boosts Packs
  • (4) 4x Boosts Packs
  • (4) 5x Boosts Packs


How to Setup & Reskin:

This app template has been organized to help you to reskin it efficiently and still turn out a high quality app for your fans and users! Below you will see some notes on what and where you can change.


YOU NEED TEXTURE PACKER or a similar program to create sprite sheet files. They offer a 7 day free trial you can get HERE (Affiliate Link) After 7 days, you can purchase for $39.99. It’s a great program that I have used for awhile. It’s worth much more than $39.99!

If you are not familiar how to convert PNGs to Texture Files (sprite sheets) that’s ok 🙂

I wasn’t either, but taught myself. In the full tutorial we walk you through it step by step. It’s basically drag and drop.

IDSTOREPLACE.h file is where you can:

  • Replace Chartboost ID
  • Turn Off Applovin & Chartboost
  • Select interstial Pop Up frequency
  • Adjust time in between 1st and 2nd Welcome Screen
  • Change out all Facebook & Twitter share links
  • Change the rewarded coin amounts for sharing
  • Turn off Pushwoosh (if you don’t want to use this feature.
  • Edit the daily local notification message and time of the day it shows
  • Edit the daily bonus spins message and multiplier
  • Edit the levels you need to reach to unlock the next game


TARGETS / INFO file where you can:

  • Add your Applovin Key
  • Add your Pushwoosh ID
  • Add your Facebook ID
  • Change your Bundle Display Name (name under icon)


cfg.h file where you can:

  • Change all In App Purchase ID’s
  • Change Leaderboard ID
  • Amount of Coins the user receives after initial download
  • Amount of Coin boosts the user receives after initial download
  • SettingsWindows.mm file where you can:
  • Change the credits listing on the about page (find by clicking settings icon, then about)


Assets to change:

To make this easy the buttons within the source files are highlighted with yellow and green dots must be replaced. This includes:

  • App icon (1 image / 13 sizes / 2 locations)
  • Slot reel images (12 images / 4 sizes / 6 themes
  • Slot reel backgrounds main (4 sizes / 6 themes
  • Slot reel backgrounds small (behind spinning reels) (4 sizes / 6 themes)
  • Main home screen lobby background (1 image / 4 sizes)
  • Slots theme icon (6 image / 4 sizes)
  • Splash screen (1 image / 4 sizes / 2 locations)
  • Loading screen (1 image / 4 size)

Thanks for checking out this listing! If you have any questions let us know.

We are going to relaunch this product soon.  Just doing some minor tweaks and improvements! 

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