New Buildbox Preview and Publisher Elite – Trey Smith’s new program

I’m not sure if you got the announcement last week like I did, but Trey Smith and the people over at Buildbox hosted a webinar / live event about their new Publisher Elite Program.

A lot of you probably know what Buildbox is, but if not, don’t worry…we will get to that. In short, it’s a game builder for mobile games that helps you create games and publish on multiple platforms.

I started to get emails and see ads to get people excited for the event.

They were on point with their ads to drive traffic to the optin page for the event!  I was randomly on Youtube and got hit with an ad and another on FB.


Anyway, if you like to publish game like Color Switch, Phases and many others with similar gameplay to Ketchapp, then this event might be for you.  It goes over some tips on how to get a game published and at the end he reveals his new Publisher Elite Program.

What is Publisher Elite? 

It’s a program that gets you early access (by a year) to Buildbox 3.0 and crazy access to Trey Smith and his team.

So if you are new to the app space or unfamiliar of who Trey Smith is, then you need to head over and see this presentation.

My very short summary of this event and opportunity is this:

Publisher Elite combines the industry leading game building software with the connections that improve your changes to get picked up by a big name publisher.  The way I see it is if you make an Apple feature level game (and they help you do this), then they will make sure they do all they can to get it published. Think of it like having an agent in the app space that helps you create what publishers want, deliver a pitch to the right people and build a repeatable process that can sustain an app business in todays market.

To watch this event until 12-12-16…before he takes it down, click here.

(This is NOT an affiliate link)

We are not affiliated with Buildbox in any way. I just think that what they are doing has massive value and if you are in the market to build awesome games + get them published then I see this as the best option. Look at it as access to the people that can accelerate your business.

Am I joining the program? 

No. BUT, and that’s a big BUT, I would if the timing was right. You can roll your eyes, but right now I’m in the middle of another course semi related to apps and soon will probably join another program that gets me access to a coach and business growth program. On top of that we are working on growing our app business on the casino side of apps.

If there is a 4 things, I’ve learned in the almost 4.5 months being in the app business full time it’s:

1.) I NEED FOCUS, more than program after program.  Even if your top 1 choice of a business coach or mentor in the world offered you the program you have been waiting for, but the timing was off and you knew you wouldn’t give it 100%, then it would be tough to move forward. What’s the point if you would be going through the motions? I’m maxed out for the next few months and perfectly fine admitting that.

2.) Ideas are easier than execution. I can sit down and come up with more than enough ideas, but the logistics of executing those ideas can be paralyzing. Thus, saying no more and not taking on too much.

3.) It’s better to get really good at 1 thing and grow exponentially quicker than others and THEN move to the next thing or take on another project instead of doing 10 projects just off and on.

4.) Too many projects can quickly drain spirt and motivation. Not to mention your bank account.


Do I believe in Buildbox?

  • Of course! I think we will probably be customers of the Buildbox 3.0 in early January 2018 when we are ready to dive in.





2 thoughts on “New Buildbox Preview and Publisher Elite – Trey Smith’s new program

  1. What are your thoughts on Trey Smith’s claims that ASO is basically dead? I take it with a grain of salt since he has self-interest in saying so, selling a program that connects you with large publishers.

    1. I think you said it well man! Hows life? I think it really depends what kind of business you are trying to build and what kind of apps you are going to build. For buildbox type games, I think you really need a ton of downloads and his program would be great. Honestly, I’d join if I would have known this was coming and didn’t over commit with other programs and projects.

      For example, because we build casino games we use paid ads to drive downloads and I know you do too.

      With photo and utility games: ASO paired with some paid advertising might work nicely together.

      Smaller categories and non game apps you could still do quite a bit with ASO.

      Maybe instead of ASO is dead, it could say:

      Using only ASO makes it extremely difficult to build a sustainable app business if you are building build box type games.

      How are you projects coming along?

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