Recycle your emoji assets and turn it into something way cooler!

Take this:

(Standard Emoji App)

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 6.45.20 PM (2)

And turn it into this: 

(Emoji Builder & Caption Maker) 

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 6.46.36 PM (2)

Have you published an emoji app and want a new way to earn revenue from the same audience?

If not, you can still create something cooler than a standard emoji app and pay a fraction of the design costs so keep reading.

If you have published an emoji app > Think of it as the 2.0 of your current emoji app, but instead of publishing an update you can create a brand new app that users will be happy to purchase. You’ll do this using your existing assets.


So you already went through the exhausting design process >

  1. Possibly finding a designer
  2. Coming up with specs
  3. Sending Instructions
  4. Waiting for the first version
  5. Analyzing the first version
  6. Requesting changes
  7. Waiting for changes to be made
  8. Making more notes for changes
  9. Waiting for the tweaks to be completed and..
  10. FINALLY they were ready.


You then released the app, hopefully promoted it and earned some revenue. Now you’re ready kick it up a notch.   Well you have a lot of options and today I want to talk about the most simple approach so let’s dive right into it. Below you’ll see the what I’ll cover, but I explain each one in more detail if you keep scrolling down..


  1. Use emoji assets to make a new app
  2. Promote this new app
  3. Collect email addresses when they launch for the first time
  4. Market new products to users
  5. Keep promoting and get more data for future products and app


#1 Use emoji assets to make a new app

When you have an emoji app created a designer usually creates these in a software program like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and sends you PNGs to use in the app. Those original master files they might not of sent to you (AI’s or PSD’s) can be blown apart to be used in layers.

What I mean is you can start with something like this:

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 4.20.31 PM

And turn it into this >

Screen Shot 2017-12-18 at 4.25.46 PM

Why does that matter? Because if you already have emojis, then you already have layers.

You can use a base amount of emoji faces and then use tons of eye / mouth combos to really customize the face like we did with this nurse app:

Check out the LIVE version of this app here.

nurse gif

Or you can use already created emoji faces (which most emoji packs have) and use the builder to add things like > hats, bowties, sunglasses, glasses, etc.

berner gif

Check out the LIVE version of this app here.

Your design costs are almost zero because you can get on stock photo sites to get the the accessories I show above.

We also include a bunch of these accessory and face layers already (with our template and bonuses).

If you need a designer to blow apart your files and create layers from those we can do that too.

#2 Promote the new app

You probably already have some sort of social pressesnce for your app or business. Whether it’s an app or personal > Facebook, Instagram, Snap, Twitter account, you have people that are interested. You might even have an email list or Facebook group for this app. Maybe friends that promoted the app for you? What about an influencer you used to promote the app?   You can use all existing resources to promote this new app and piggyback off that initial excitement.


#3 Collect email addresses when they launch for the first time

Collecting email addresses inside our apps is something I wished started years ago. In the last year, it’s almost a must and our template is no exception. It has an optional user registration screen where a user can login with facebook or email.  You can send these emails to a Mailchimp account to use in the future.


This user login can also be tied to free backup for their emojis and captions. If they lose, break, or upgrade the phone, they can get all their custom emojis back instantly.  You might think by default iCloud backs this up, but it does not. If you regularly back up your phone then you are safe right?   Maybe with photos, video, notes but when you get a knew phone and use that backup you’ll get all your apps and settings back.  However, it doesn’t automatically store all the content you created inside apps. For an emoji builder that would be emojis and captions. Believe me. I’ve used other builder apps over the years and that was one of my biggest complaints. Thousands of other users left reviews backing this up. Basically, you would spend hours creating emojis and then lose them if your phone had to be restored for reasons I mentioned above or if the developer released an update.  In our apps, Instead of loosing that content, the user can login, and all their created emojis and captions are synced in seconds.  


The email list you build can turbo charge future launches of related apps, products and services. Your most loyal users on an email list just ready to buy from you. If you think your emoji app is “TOO niche” to re-market to, let me give you example. You have a dog emoji app that’s marketed to 30-55 year old women so you build up your email list and then decide you want to make an app for moms. You can contact your dog emoji app users and announce you may create an app for moms to solve problems x,y,z. Anyone interested can click here to join our small prelaunch list to get early access and give feedback.


You get the point. We (as people and consumers) are all part of a ton of niches and get targeted every day by large companies based on purchase behavior, gender, income, marital status, etc. Why shouldn’t you do it?   Social networking posts can be good for promotion, but you never know how much reach you will get. Someone could like your facebook page for the app and not see all your posts. Instead of relying on those, you will have a highly engaged list of die hard app users / fans that you can email directly.   Want to add a new feature / emoji pack, but unsure if the users will like? What can you do? Well the old me, would have just based it on research and went with a hunch. Now >   I don’t guess on these things anymore. I ask. I build apps and content for people, not research. Have a product idea you think your users would like? You can ask. This takes us into #4.


#4 Market new products to users

Wondering what type of products to sell users of an emoji app and why you would ever want to mess with that?  If you have users in a paid emoji app that is a basic qualifier. If it’s a free emoji app that still serves the same purpose, I would just put more weight on paid users or free / that purchased an IAP.


This means they already proved they liked the app by handing over hard earned cash. It might only be a few bucks but it goes a long way separating the tire kickers from the buyers. For example, one of our more popular and most profitable emoji apps was called Bernermoji.  It was a $4.99 emoji app that included over 100 awesome emojis. That’s on the high end for an emoji app, but I knew it was worth it for them. I had worked with the niche getting ideas for emojis and even asked a few of them to send pictures of their dogs to have emojis created and put into the app. How excited do you think a user is to share an app that they email a picture of their dog and (proof!) now it’s in the app.


I asked if they would pay $3.99 – $4.99 for it when the app was live and it was an hard yes!   Based on this feedback we went ahead and moved forward. Someone that will pay nearly $5 bucks for an emoji app will probably be interested in other products revolving around the niche. Some can be specific and some can be common sense.   Bernese Mountain dogs are large and can be expensive to own. Food, vet bills, beds, toys, etc. Everything is more. So general dog products would interest these owners, but specific ones are even better. Some of these dog owners are part of highly engaged groups.   If you create something great, it >


  1. Get’s shared
  2. Liked
  3. Brings down advertising costs
  4. Get’s more users into the system with more feedback to create better products


If you have the Facebook SDK installed you can pull an audience anyone that has downloaded the app. You can then use something called a look alike audience (LAA) to find others like those users and slice them with multiple layers of interests.   If you don’t have the Facebook SDK installed you can still pull audiences from anyone that engaged with your post about the app providing you posted it on a Facebook page for an app / business.   The reoccurring point here is you are using an app is a qualifier to sell other products your audience wants.


  1. It could be another app.
  2. It could be a t-shirt, sweatshirt or socks
  3. It could be a printed picture of an emoji.


If you don’t have any ideas for products after reading this post email me and I’ll help. Don’t forget that you can always ask. Go to that social networking network you initially promoted the app and post a free poll. Call up / message friends that loved your app and ask.


You might end up with something like this:



#5 Promote, Measure and get more data

  Once you promote new products and apps you’ll get a quick sense of what’s working and what’s not. From there it’s always good to try and get more data by sending out a poll to users / customers however it makes sense for you. Could be:


  1. Personal emails to friends / family with questions or a poll
  2. Post a poll on your facebook page, app page, or send emails to users
  3. Send a direct email to customers and users with poll or questions


Some responses will be awesome and some will be awful, but feedback is important and is an essential part of launch products that people want to buy.


From reading this post you can see how exciting this can be if you >

  1. Have an existing emoji app(s) and want to re-market to that audience for minimal cost
  2. Want to publish an emoji app, but think you missed the early boat or need to keep design costs low
  3. Want to build a brand around another successful app / project you have
  4. Want something new / fresh that has never been released to other developers
  5. Want something that took 4+ months to research, plan, layout, build, test and launch
  6. Want to work with full time developers that offer products, support and consulting.


WARNING. We did NOT create this project to license. We created it build something better than every other emoji app builder in the store today. Seems like a tall order and it was. That’s why it took over 4 months and almost all my sanity (Todd here). In addition to making an awesome emoji builder we added things other emoji app builders just don’t have.


  1. User Profile / Free backup / Login with email or Facebook so they never lose anything they create
  2. Ability to add backgrounds to their emojis (so they look like Facebook update posts)
  3. Ability to add captions to the backgrounds above
  4. Automatically saving emojis in 4 place (emoji keyboard, iMessage, photo album, within app
  5. Automatically saving captions / memes in 2 places (within app and photo album)
  6. Email user collection via mailchimp
  7. Much more


This hasn’t been launched yet or even finalized with pricing or bonuses, but it will be soon. We may release a small number of pre-launch spots that will include special pricing & bonuses that will not be offered to anyone else in the future.


If you have any interest in taking advantage of the early bird pricing and bonuses ENTER YOUR EMAIL below and be added to the short list.

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