Earlier today I was sitting at my desk brainstorming on some app feature ideas for a project and it made me think…

“maybe I should just ask the users what they want”

I can research, brainstorm and speculate forever, but if the users don’t want that feature then what the hell is the point?

I know it’s common sense, but it’s easy to over complicate things with a technical mindset and forget about common sense. It’s also easy to go the other way when common sense is your only point of view.

Anyway, I ran this concept by Mabel and then thought…wow..

“maybe I can ask customers, friends and prospects the same thing”

So here we are.

In the last 6 months we have had a variety of offerings for you. All of them were relevant in the market because we only sell things that we use and are currently working.

Things like:

  • Casino app templates with full reskin course + bonuses + Reskin packages
  • Paid traffic course + bonuses
  • Emoji templates + courses

Most of these also offered a variety of tiers and payment options so most all budgets in app development could make it work.

Then something funny happened. Sales went down. Yes, sales went down for a few reasons.

  1. ​​I think people had too many options ​​and felt paralyzed with indecision
  2. I think when we actually delivered on what people claimed they wanted, I found out that wasn’t true. For example. Take a $1000 product and offer it instead for $97 a month. People say something is too expensive so you offer them an option they can afford and turns out that was just an excuse.
  3. I think people felt some of our options weren’t relevant in today’s market
  4. I think people were stuck in this boat “….make money from apps or tell people you have apps” *Blog post here:


I’m sure there are more and if you have one please email me (email listed at the top of this site) get me up to speed with your situation.

However, there should just two groups and off those there can be subgroups.

Group 1: You want to make money (or more money) from apps and are willing to put in the time and $ to make it happen.

Group 2: You don’t.


Anyone in group 1 can find some insights, tips, products and recommendations on how to do that by following the market and what is profitable. We try to simplify things on the blog and in our email, but the information is out there for everyone. I have the same access as everyone else.
I believe our value to you comes in pretty strong on a testing level.

We take the things we talk about, recommend and sell + go out and continually test them. Most of the time that means we spend $ to create things and then $ on ads to get people into those products to test. (create an app and then use Facebook ads to arbitrage)
For example, If we believe emojis are hot (and they are) we go out and create some emoji apps using our templates and resources.  Then we might pump 10k of ad spend through them and find out which price points, niche, backend strategies..etc are worth doubling up on the next month.

Those are the things we do to make $ and keep the lights on.

From the absolute transparency level…

Relevancy’s in the market from three perspectives.

As an app developer:

Any app that provides value to the user (could be entertainment, utility..etc) and can monetize that value in a way that the acquisition for a user is less than that revenue they generate…is relevant. Could be Slots, emoji’s, utility, photo. Anything. It comes down to that.


As the owner of

 Step 1:

 Taking things that are working for us on the app developer side and explaining why they are working and how you can do similar things to achieve even better results.

Step 2:

We take it a step further and sometimes offer the tools we use (app templates, strategies, research..etc) to make money from apps to you, the subscriber.


As a general Marketer


I take the knowledge I acquire from developing apps and selling tools and services to app developers and see how it can be leveraged. Could be creating another tool. Could be stepping into a new app type or backend monetization opportunity.

It all fits together and that’s much of the reason I love it and why I decided to do it full time.


So if you are thinking…


“Cool dude, ok…so you are trying to be relevant in the market, great, cool. Good for you. What does this mean for me”


(or something along those lines…)


You can be relevant in the market by taking the things you do and seeing how they can be mashed together and leveraged in other areas.


So if you develop apps that are in different categories that I’ve never mentioned then maybe you can take a look at emoji apps in terms of niche research and delivery.


This emoji trend is hot because at its core here is what people are doing:


Researching a thirsty underserved, often under appreciated market and handing them a cold drink on a hot day.


Find a need. Create what they want. Find a way to reach them. Boom.


So your utility app may solve a problem, but you need more users. Take a page from the emoji paid traffic game and get good at Facebook ads.


If you are in the ecom game and don’t use Facebook ads, then make some time to figure it out and start using them.


If you develop some of the same things we do: Slots, Bingo, Emoji..etc and are not making the money you want, consider reaching out.


One of the biggest things I’ve realized and been taking action on lately is, learn from people that are already doing what you want to do or achieve.


Not just realizing it, but taking action.


If you want to create an emoji app that hovers at the top of it’s category, then reach out to us and ask about some of our apps how done it. We have templates and courses.


If you want to get the best slots template, as us. We have templates and courses.


If you want to create a new photo app, then go do a market audit on what’s popular and why. Then look at what could make it better. Maybe even merge a few apps and create your own spin on it.


The take away is, find out what is working and do more of that.


If nothing is working then scrap it and start over.


My call to action is to email me by clicking here or by hitting reply to the latest email I mentioned this blog post.


And just answer this one question:


What do you want from us?


  • Could be more information, better templates, a relaunch of our slots, bingo, emoji templates
  • Could be a paid traffic course
  • Could be coaching
  • Could be hiring us to do your Facebook ads
  • Could be help with creatives on Facebook ads. How to create and where to get it done.
  • Could be custom features added to your apps
  • Could be reskinning your app or one of ours
  • Could be as simple as saying, how do I make money in todays market? What template, niche etc.

I think the opportunities are endless right now. We have 2 secret projects that will launch in the next few months that won’t be offered as templates, but they are new and exciting. We take what works and mash it with something else. OR we simply just do more of what’s working. If your ROI is good with spending $1k a month on ads, why not 5k the next? Why not 10k after that.  Possibilities are endless.

Reach out and tell us what you want.



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