Alright, now we’re just getting crazy!

We’ve made yet another course, and this time for the famous Multi-Line Slot Machine from Carter Thomas/ It’s just as comprehensive as the other courses, starting off from a brand new Apple developer account status and going all the way through submission.

It’s available nowClick here!

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Here’s the intro video:

Thanks, and we hope to see you in the courses!
Justin & Lee

4 thoughts on “Multi-Line Slot Machine Source Code Tutorial

    1. Hi Karen!

      That income came from 4 re-skins–2 were made 2 months ago and 2 made about a month ago. We’re just now realizing the potential, especially when the keywords are optimized. Our first reskin wasn’t great, and now we’re really seeing the possibilities of how much this source code can bring in!

    1. Hi Peter!

      4 re-skins generated that income, which was about 4 days work for me. And great point–we’re due to release another income report. We’ll get to work on that and have it out soon. Thanks!

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