Carter Thomas -
Carter Thomas –

Update:  We recommend looking into the Bingo source code.

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Today, we’ll be talking about the “20 Line Slot Machine” source code. Carter has been an inspiration for us with a very positive attitude and huge drive and Alex has been great with support for this code. Carter’s results were pretty astonishing for this slot machine app, and he set the price to reflect that: $750, which is probably his most expensive code. He seems like a great guy that wouldn’t make the numbers up, so we had to test it out for ourselves.

Here are the results for the first reskin we made:

Animal Wheel Icon

Title: “Animal Wheel – Slot Machine with Bonus Games”

Released: August 16, 2013 (exactly 2 months ago when this was written)


  • gamble, slots, spin, win, coins, video, play, poker, chip, casino, money, cash, vegas, jackpot, contest, bet, pets
  • Think we’re crazy for telling you this? SensorTower is like 95% accurate, anyway, so you could’ve just looked it up yourself

Expenses: $947

  • Code: $750
  • Stock Graphics: $60
  • Development: $0
  • Marketing: $137

Income: $698.44

  • Revmob: $34.76
  • Chartboost: $184.10
  • PlayHaven: $54.58
  • AppLovin: $410.34
  • In-App Purchases: $14.66

Net after 2 months: -$248.56

# of Downloads: 4,440


1. We really can do the graphic and development work ourselves. It’s not that difficult. In fact, we are planning to release a video tutorial explaining how to reskin this app from start to finish.

2. AppLovin dominates eCPMs compared to other ad networks in this genre. So how can we exploit that? If I remember correctly, the original source code uses Chartboost for ads while spinning. What if we show AppLovin during spins instead? Where else can we add more AppLovin and take out the ads that don’t perform as well?

Animal Wheel - AppLovin Income

3. Downloads were decent in the beginning, but have been averaging 6 or so each day for about a month, and revenues are pretty much done. Is it worth trying to change the keywords/title/icon/screen shots, or just create a new skin in that time and capitalize on the rush of downloads from being new?

4. While we were net negative on this one, the next skin will only cost approximately $60 for graphics, and a couple of days of work. If we make the same amount of money ($683.78) but only have $60 of expenses for the next app, we’ll be making $623.78 for about 16 hours of work. That’s a decent salary, and it doesn’t include the fact that subsequent releases should be optimized to make even more money.

5. Theme, icon, screen shots – I spent time making the icon myself. I thought it was funny, but wasn’t worth the time after all. There’s a good course on Udemy that gives you Photoshop files and a great tutorial on how to make your own great-looking icons very quickly/cost-effectively. It’s normally $97, but you can access the 50% off coupon here.

As for the theme, we thought animals would be great, but this definitely wasn’t a homerun. The animal theme in the App Store is pretty saturated and could explain the lackluster performance, although it could also be due to the fact that I’m not an experienced designer and used stock images.

Screen shots were exactly that—screen shots—nothing special.

Screen Shot exampleWe didn’t bother spending time to add text and call outs on these images. Would it really help? Personally, I don’t think this is an issue converting users to download the app. I believe getting them to find the app (keywords/theme) in the first place was the bigger problem.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and insights on what worked and what didn’t in your opinion, and if you’ve bought this source code, what you’ve learned as well.

Coming Soon

We released 3 more skins. How did they do? Stay tuned… And be sure to join our mailing list on the right side of the page to be updated when more reports are released!

15 thoughts on ““Animal Wheel” results from 20 Line Slot Machine Source Code

  1. Nice post and honest insight – thanks.
    Applovin killing it. Max that out for sure. Change up the icon and drop some animal words into the title and keywords and see if that can spark some renewed excitement… tweak, tweak, tweak……..
    As a novice ‘skinner, I can’t wait to see the videos by the way.

  2. Nice to see somebody else putting out real numbers. I’ve been talking about my real numbers on Carter’s web site comments. I was planning on doing something similar on my site, but since I’m not a blogger, it probably won’t happen. 🙂

    Unless you have taken the game off the market, you are not at a net negative on your game. Each app you publish is an ongoing source of revenue. You don’t look at a business in a 2 month period, but more as a long term investment. To think that in less than 90 days, you’ll have broken even on your costs, and going forward you’ll be making pure profit is amazing.

    It’s interesting that with your number of downloads, that you haven’t made more. Don’t get me wrong, the fact that you’re making any money at all is awesome, but to compare, I have a slot machine game as well. It’s made a total of about $425 in 1 month with 1,300 downloads. I wonder why that is?

    1. Thanks Gregory. I think I’ve seen a few of your comments around BlueCloud. And I couldn’t agree more. To come near breaking even off 1 skin is amazing, and we can crank these out very quickly. The potential of this is remarkable.
      We have 3 other skins already in the store and will have the results posted after they’ve collected a good amount of data… but I can tell you, you’re right to question it. Our revenue per download has definitely improved with the new versions. Stay tuned for more results, and thanks again for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

      1. I’ve been working on a major overhaul of the game. I’ve added a ton of new features and customizations that will skyrocket engagement and playability. I’m planning on having 3 more titles with a free and paid version of each one by the end of the month! My goal is for each of the 4 titles to hit $100,000! My first one should do $25,000 in the next six months once I get the updates approved and marketing campaign going.

          1. Yeah, you can use any you like. TapJoy requires implementing their SDK if you want to verify installs. It’s a pretty easy process to implement the SDK, though. But yes, you can always try TapJoy, Facebook, Chartboost, and others for marketing.

  3. Was checking out your app and realized you have the Halloween slot app with this code. I’ve been following the rankings in the iPad casino category and noticed that app for a long time. Assuming it’s been doing really well for you!

    1. Yep, that one did very well! We’ll post the results of that one soon. If you haven’t already, you can sign up for our mailing list on the right side of this page and we’ll let you know when we post about it! Thanks

  4. Is there any update on how this app is doing now as it is a further month since that report?

    Would be nice if your reports had on-going monthly analysis – even if it was simply monthly totals, so it was possible to guage drop-off over the months form release?

    I know you have the other reskins which have made you overall ROI positive, but has this reskin become ROI positive yet?

    1. Hi Irene,

      That’s a good question. It’s difficult for us to keep up and post updates on the old blog posts with all of our new projects, but we’re always checking comments and will happily answer whenever possible.

      “Animal Wheel” has made another $60 since the last update, so not a lot. There are a couple of things to note:

      First, we haven’t updated the app. In general, updating an app will bring back a decent amount of users because they’ll see the update (or see that the app was automatically updated with iOS 7) and come back. Adding levels is a good option here and can really get users interested again… or even just re-releasing the app with no changes and calling it “bug fixes” can yield good results. We have not attempted changing the keywords, description, icon, or screen shots to optimize it for App Store search, either. No changes have been made whatsoever. Doing these types of changes isn’t part of our strategy.

      Second, we have not marketed it at all. It’s just sitting there, so the $60 was just residuals involving no work on our end.

      In general, for games like this, you will see a decline in downloads after 1-4 weeks of release and probably won’t get many downloads unless you market it yourself somehow. That’s why we’ve been working on an ebook for Instagram marketing–we think it’s a great opportunity for new businesses, especially in the app world.
      It’s also why we try to stress the importance of reskinning a source code multiple times and doing it yourself as much as possible. First you’ll learn a lot in the process, but more importantly, it becomes much more affordable and the returns are that much bigger. I can reskin this game in about 4 hours altogether… so the real money is in making more skins, not residuals off of 1 game.

      Let us know if you have other questions, and thanks for inquiring!

      1. That was a VERY useful reply, because now I can see that there is minimal residuals without additional work, so I know better how to focus my time.

        However, even $60 per month for doing no work is useful – it all counts.

        Thanks you for taking the time to answer.

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