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Every year I train for a marathon and it usually takes 8-10 weeks. I’m 4 weeks in of the 10 weeks I allotted this year and right on schedule. I have to hit a weekly milage goal, but sometimes I have to improvise if something comes up. This morning I ran 8 miles and that was the goal. My training weeks end on Saturday so I have 4 days to get in 20 more.

This year will be my 5th marathon.

What’s my point? Do you think I ever have a problem getting up and participating in the marathon?

Absolutely not. Sure I usually hit a wall at 23 and depending how deep my training was that year it determines how eloquently I make it through.

“Make your point Todd”… (I know, I know)

The reason I never have a problem getting to the race and completing it (even if that means crawling the last mile) is I’ve put in the training. I always repeat this in my head if I have doubts. Trust your training. Trust your training.

So trust your training. You. Yes, your training. If you opened this email you either


  1. Want to start publishing apps and making money
  2. Start back up again and sort through the surplus of info and products to make money
  3. Continue publishing apps but do it better with more downloads and revenue
  4. Don’t want to do any of those things and just wanted to see what was going on


All of those are fine, but if you are 1, 2, or 3 then trust your training and move forward!

The training of past experiences and knowing if you commit to something and use the right tools and info you will succeed. I’m not one for pep talks but some of you need to hear it. I needed to hear it awhile back and I’m glad someone close to me didn’t hold back.
If you want to publish apps and make more money then trust your training and take a step in the right direction.

Hell, I’m trying to get you to register to win something free. Not a lot of loose here lol.


  • Maybe you had old projects that failed.
  • Challenges you overcame and reached success.


Failure is part of success. It never goes away, but all those books that say the pros want to fail more and fail faster.

I’m a fan. Life is a numbers game and by default, business is too. You may have to do a lot and fail a lot to just to win a few times. I’m ok with that! That’s how I live my life.
By the way, if a Marathon scares you then sorry I used that example because it’s not that bad. By the time you run the marathon you weekly milage can be up to 30-50 and your rolling 10 day millage can even be over 60 and I am talking about the causal runner like me.

The race isn’t too scary knowing all those miles you logged.

Trust your training.

So if you want to publish profitable apps, games are a great start whether you are new or someone that is getting back into it. Casino games are usually some of the most profitable. So that’s why we are giving away our best template (unlimited license) + a video course for free.

The template alone has been selling for $799.
Thanks for reading.
Todd Smith

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