Many of you who follow us know that in the last couple of months, startapp ad network ecpmwe’ve implemented a newer ad network for iOS–StartApp. We started including StartApp ads in some of our apps 10 weeks ago, so now it seems like a good time to stick with our pledge of transparency and let you take a look at our StartApp eCPM results. In this post, we’ll show you the overall StartApp eCPM, eCPM for our apps by category, by source code, and by country. You should note that the eCPMs we report do not include any registration bonuses or anything like that, which are great, by the way–if you use the following link, you’ll receive a bonus when you hit a certain amount of impressions, and the more impressions, the bigger the bonus:

What is StartApp

StartApp is a monetization and distribution platform that has been around for about 4 years, but only recently moved into advertising on iOS. While they’re relatively new to iOS, everything has been running smoothly for us (installation, fill rate, and eCPM), and they’ve even added support for Swift, the new coding language that’s paired with Xcode 6 and iOS 8. I’ve also verified that StartApp will support iOS 8.

What is eCPM?

Really quickly, if you’re new to marketing, eCPM means how much money we make for every 1,000 ad impressions. For example, if I launch our Bingo app and see an ad pop up immediately, that’s 1 impression. If I start playing the game and see another ad, that’s another impression. So in any one session, a user might see 0 impressions or 100 or more. It depends on your ad placement and which screens the user sees in your app.

Which StartApp Ad Units?

StartApp has both banner ads and full screen ads.

Full screen ads include interstitials, but they have a nice variety–one is pretty standard, but they also have overlays, which are basically semi-transparent ads that appear over your app. Below is an example of an overlay that shows a rotating cube that is advertising an app:

startapp ad overlay

These overlays catch the eye and are unique–they don’t look like a normal ad–which can result in a better CTR (click-through rate) for you.

Their full screen selection also includes offer walls, where more apps can be advertised through one impression. They have both 2D and 3D versions. Here’s an example of a StartApp 3D Offer Wall:

StartApp 3D Offer Wall Appwall

The difference between this and your regular More Apps pages by bigger ad networks is significant. In my opinion (and eCPM verifies this), these 3D walls are much more beautiful; StartApp looks completely different, which will catch users off guard and lead to more conversions and more money in your pocket.

StartApp also has banner ads, and again, they have a few options that will stand out and help drive sales. They have a regular 2D banner, a 3D rotating banner, and a mini App Wall banner. Here’s a screen shot of the mini App Wall banner:

StartApp Mini Appwall Banner Ad

This is a great take on the typical, boring banner that we usually see. Banner ads are notorious for having terrible eCPMs, but something like this takes banner ads to a whole new level.

Note: Most of our apps don’t implement banner ads (now I’m wishing more of our apps did!), so we only tested StartApp interstitials.

Now that you know what the ads look like, let’s get right to the data:

StartApp eCPM Overall Results

3 apps in 3 different categories = $3.33 StartApp eCPM
Fill Rate = 100%

I don’t know about you, but that makes me happy. Why? Well, in our experience, we usually average around $1-2 eCPM on some other well-known ad networks. The only time we see higher eCPMs is with Casino-based source codes, and even then, sometimes it’s still not over $3.00. The apps we’re looking at today do include 1 Casino game, but that actually had the fewest number of impressions. As you’ll see below, StartApp eCPM is actually pretty consistent across different app categories, which is rare with most ad networks.

The other piece is a 100% fill rate. We talked to StartApp support and verified this. Other ad networks struggle to fill the demand of ad impressions, but StartApp has that covered. Also, eCPM can look inflated if your fill rate is low, so don’t be fooled by other ad network’s eCPMs if their fill rate is lower than 100%.

StartApp eCPM by Category

When we look at the apps by category, you see a range, but with other ad networks, this range tends to be much larger. Here are the StartApp results by app category:

1 Entertainment App = $3.48 StartApp eCPM
1 Games/Casino App = $4.36 StartApp eCPM
1 Lifestyle App = $2.17 StartApp eCPM

Again, in our experience, this is more consistent than other ad networks, which is a major plus. This can help forecast what your app will make before it launches if you’re testing in a new app category.

If you’ve followed us for a while, you can probably figure out which source codes the above results apply to, but for everyone else, here are the apps…

StartApp eCPM by Source Code

The CPM values are the same, but it’s just another way to look at it–by the actual source code, so you can see which apps brought in which eCPM.

Bingo = $4.36 StartApp eCPM
Random Fact Generator
= $3.48 StartApp eCPM

Daily Quiz = $2.17 StartApp eCPM

StartApp eCPM by Country

One last, yet very important, piece of the puzzle is to make sure an ad network has most countries covered. We’ve experienced low fill rates and fewer impressions with some other ad networks because they will simply not support certain countries. This is extremely frustrating and will lower your revenue. But with StartApp, this has not been the case.

Here are our Top 5 eCPM countries for StartApp interstitials:

Vietnam $    6.24
United States $    5.66
Switzerland $    4.78
United Arab Emirates $    4.31
Turkey $    3.62

As expected, the U.S. is on this list (and it’s where 90% of our downloads come from), but it’s awesome that we’re seeing high eCPMs for a variety of countries. In general, you’ll see a very high eCPM for the United States when using StartApp ads.

Money From Apps + StartApp

So there you have it. Honestly, you’ll be seeing us implementing more StartApp ads in our apps and taking away some of the bigger ad networks that aren’t making as much. Even a $1 difference in eCPM can mean the difference between a profit and a loss, especially when you’re looking to scale. Every dollar counts…

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Again, the numbers above don’t include any bonuses, which StartApp is known to do, and when you factor those in, your eCPM shoots up even higher. You can take advantage of that now by using this link:

We’ve also heard about some type of big product promotion coming soon from StartApp as well. We’ll try to get the news to you about that… make sure you’re signed up for the Money From Apps Mailing List by entering your email address in the green box at the top right of this page (if you’re on a mobile device, head to the bottom and click “view full site” and then scroll to find the green box). We’ll send you information on how to participate there, and if you join the mailing list, you’ll also get access to our free quiz source code that comes with a free video tutorial showing you how to reskin it.

Update: We followed up with the nice folks at StartApp and the promotion is here, which ties in with their new SDK. StartApp is giving away a GoPro Camera! We hooked it up and got you this exclusive link. A limited amount of developers will be allowed to join, and in order to get the camera, you must reach a certain amount of StartApp ad impressions. Sign up now to participate by going to this page:

Get a GoPro Camera, Courtesy of StartApp

Now go out there and make some money (and prizes) from apps!

4 thoughts on “StartApp eCPM – Ad Network CPM

  1. StartApp seems to be good a few weeks after kick off but after a month or so, it starts falling. I am currently experiencing as low as $0.33 and $0.23 eCPM. Have you noticed something similar for your application as well as it must now have been more than 2 months since you published?

    1. Thanks for sharing, Junior. We haven’t seen that with ours, but it might have something to do with the type of app or the number of impressions you’re getting, especially if you saw that fall off significantly… did the drop in eCPM coincide with a drop in downloads? What category is the app in?

      1. It is a hymnal. I used to get at least $1 eCPM constant. This has recently dropped off. Yesterday, I had 3850 impressions at eCPM of $0.29. I have in all 16000 downloads so far. New installs are about 70/day on average.
        I have another hymnal app that has eCPM of about $6 with 216 impressions. It seems the more impressions I get, the lower the eCPM.
        I am currently thinking of using a mediation network although that would bloat my apk as it seems putting all my eggs in one basket is not paying off.

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