73 days of casino game blog posts, videos, ad network tests, paid traffic campaigns, random strategies and 1 trip to Amsterdam to meet up with people at a Bluecloud comes to an end in less than 12 hours.


What was 73 days ago? That was August 2nd. The first day I was officially 100% self employed with my app business.


  • No more weekly paychecks and security.

This app template and all the test that we did to allow the actual game to become profitable rather quick is the work of someone that has no net. This isn’t some side project that I “hope will work”.  Our games our what we count on.  The only reason I mentioned this is because I think there is a big difference in how much work you put into something as a side project and something is is your new full time job with no guarantees.

So back to ending…

The only thing that is comming to an end is our Mega Jackpot Slots App Template being available.  It’s what we are building our business around. Both the template and our games build off this template.  We will continue to improve this template for our own games and other developers. This ranges from:

  • Free lifetime feature updates (for anyone that buys)
  • Custom projects using that template as a foundation
  • Other random projects

Why am I telling you this? Just so you understand where we are headed. The rest of the year will be dedicated to the things I mentioned above. I’m very excited to work on our apps and with clients that purchase.

So sometime in the future I will be doing a

“why do you hate me email”

Or maybe a “why didn’t you buy” survey again I thought it would be helpful to do a blog post before that (while the Mega Jackpot Slots app template is still available and go over what that revealed.

A few months after our first launch we did a survey and got 128 responses which was AWESOME! Thank you if you took the time to complete. Good news. We took action and did as much as we could to accommodate your requests. Before we get to this let’s take a look at the first question:



1.) 8 People missed the emails. 

This time around we did lots of videos, blog posts and emails focused on casino apps and what kind of results we and others were getting. 

2.) 30 people said it was bad timing. 

Completely understandable and that’s why we launch more than once.

3.) 11 people don’t like casino app templates. 

Again, I get it, but they monetize well. 

4.) 51 people said it was too expensive. 

We pride ourselves in making the best products we can that isn’t cheap to do. The customers that are ready to take action are more than happy to find a way to make it work. Again, it’s not right for everyone and that’s why we launch more than once. However, we did add payment options. Scroll down to see.

5.) 8 people said they don’t publish apps anymore.

That makes me sad, but I get it. You got out when it was bad and probably have been still keeping up on things (like reading industry emails and blog posts like this, ready to pounce when a great opportunity comes up. This template and using the tactics from the traffic hacking webinar would be a great time to get back in!

6.) 20 people wrote in an answers. 

The top 2 were:

  • Seemed difficult to reskin.

That’s why we then created a 69 page (a lot of pages are screen shots) reskin step by step guide with some videos.  Then we created a more in depth complete video course that you can purchase (in the checkout process) so you don’t have to pay someone to reskin it for you. This is great for busy people that only have a little time at a time to work on this. 

  • Needed help to get more downloads 

Check out the traffic hacking webinar this Friday! 


Next question:


So we focused on this game and this app template because it was a 60.2% vote.

  • Adding Features
  • Adding more control for the developer
  • Adding analytics

Then we decided to make it more accessible we would offer 4 payment options.

If you made it this far then you may just need someone to give you the good old sales pitch.  Here is where I should come in hot with some great snazzy copy and blow your socks off, but I won’t.  What I will do is give you a run down of all the content that supports this template and our direction the rest of 2016 and into 2017.

I created and published all of this not only to try and give you a heads up on what I’ve seen, but what we are working on and how we plan to scale things. It’s completely transparent.

I’d like to include the pictures of all these titles, but to keep it simple to see to progression, I will just list the titles. If you want to check one out, just click the title and it will take you to the page.

The first post, “How I escaped..” was published on August 2nd and the rest followed in order.

Here was also a page we put together that showed 4 videos specifically about the Mega jackpot Template.

Why did I create so much content?

I wanted to give you every opportunity to see what we are doing and how you can kick ass with your apps or publish some new ones.

More specifically:

Two reasons.

  1. I know what it’s like to not take action and regret it later. My two biggest ones that I have dealt with over the years is not taking action with a business project. You know, taking it to the next level.  Also, weight loss. I’m the kinda guy that’s real active, but during the winter I put on a few pounds and then burn them off in the spring. I eventually (Horrible word in this example lol) figured out…it’s the cost of not doing “it” now that causes the most anger and regret. At least for me!
  2. Assuming you live somewhere with rather drastic seasonal changes throughout the year…Let’s say you want to look good on the beach or at the pool so you plan to lose a little weight next spring.  Why wait until then so things can get in the way and your sitting on the beach next June saying, “damn, I really gotta start eating better and working out. Next week, yea next week is the week I’ll start”.  Then another year goes by. If you do that enough you are probably used to it, but at some point I usually snap and go, wow. Wish someone would slapped me and told me to get busy.

So that’s what I am trying to do.
Things are great in this day and age. You got a guy (me) that just went full time with apps 2.5 months ago so I’m going to do what ever I have to do to make sure I succeed.  I also have been networking and setting up some co-owned projects to really allow me to branch out.  Most of the time, when I put out content I feel like I’m working for you and that’s ok.

So as your assistant, I’m telling you, this is the time to jump in.  Apps are hot as ever. I don’t care what the news says.  Paid traffic costs are coming down if you know how to do it AND the holidays are coming up.

What more could we want?

It’s beautiful. So many opportunities, yet they all come down to one thing.

Are you going to take action or just talk about taking action?

I wrote a blog post you may have read or saw me link to up above, but it was called:

Do you want to make money from apps or tell them you have apps?

Similar story.

I am also coming at you pretty hot because after we end this app template launch we will be busy working with clients who purchase it + our own apps + a few other projects. That is why we are only offering it all the time.

My point? This isn’t an open cart forever type of launch.  It’s open while it’s open and then we close it so we can get busy with those clients an our own stuff. Launches are exciting, but content heavy and very time consuming.

We are thrilled to work on our apps too so we can show you more results in the future.

If you want to lock in the lowest price with this template…now is the time. Sometime in 2017 when we bring it back, it will be more feature packed and thus more expensive.

I had some version 1.0 clients email me asking for an update and where they could go to purchase.  I said, “bad news, you can’t purchase it. Good news, you get it for free!”

You will get all the future updates for free too. This isn’t some 60 day free updates and then it’s $99 each update. It’s free.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.

Email me:

One last thing…

If this is right for you, then great.



If not, I get that too.  However, I just want to keep in transparent.  We are here to stay. Apps are here to stay and then next time you see this template, the price will be higher.  It will have more cool features and controls and to add and test those costs..well…more money.  Those that purchase now will get those updates for free.  You will not be able to buy this on a marketplace.  We will be moving away from them for reasons explained in previous emails.

I don’t want you to be reading a blog post or an email 6 months from now thinking, 

“wow, they really were serious about this opportunity! Looks like I missed the boat.”

A lot of our content and results will be based around casino games and other profitable app opportunities.uuuuu


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