I’ve started to let go and consolidate other areas of my business.

Things like..

  • Selling apps I don’t have time to promote
  • Trashing old projects taking up space in my head and on my computer
  • Focusing on less prospects and launches 
  • Saying no to projects I’m not really excited about
  • Saying no to projects where the prospective clients aren’t prompt about their own projects
  • Promoting only few apps instead of thinking about a portfolio of reskins
  • Removing apps from the store

It’s allowed me to see measurable gains because I’m not always chasing my tail. I used to be much more mentally drained and stressed at the end of the week.

If you can relate then I suggest you start to chisel away at the things weighing you down and don’t have much positive impact.

Whether it’s a dying project, dissolving relationship, or even just too many unguided projects with not enough payoff to continue.

The funny thing is, I wanted to give the example in app developer language so I thought to compare it to reskins.

Don’t try to reskin, launch and market 50 apps to earn the revenue that 1 or 2 could produce.

That’s how I’m treating my non work life and honestly the app market is welcoming the same direction.

Over the years, I’ve seen apps across many niches that are not any better than a basic low quality reskin reach top the charts. Thousands if not millions of downloads and dollars earned. 

Because the quality isn’t always as important as the focus!

Focusing on an average app with the right positioning, marketing and advertising can usually win over a perfect app with bad positioning, no marketing or advertising.

Don’t believe me?

Ever launched an app you thought was great and it failed?

I have.

Then months or years later I see something at the top of the charts that’s a fraction of the quality and people are loving it right?

The developers are happy and making consistent revenue. It’s a win win.

Except for you or me right?

Well, it’s still a win for us because that validation gives us a leg up.


Because if you combine your assumably superior app with better positioning, marketing and advertising like the comps then theres no reason you can’t leap frog.

If you try to be good at everything, especially at the same time, it’s a sure fire way to fail fast.
Failure can come in many flavors depending on your pallet, but some examples for me would be:
  • Getting caught up in the wrong details that takes me off course
  • Trying to do everything myself and getting overwhelmed which leads to paralysis
  • Not having a way to measure the ups and downs
  • Trying to serve everyone at the same time


So what is my point to all the app developers out there?

The point is that the market is changing and along with companies like Apple & Google, it’s easier to stand out with few irons in the fire.

Not all apps need to be ground breaking to earning consistent revenue. They just need to solve a problem. Sometimes that’s in the form of offering a tool to make something easier. Maybe it’s information to solve a problem. Maybe it’s entertainment to take the mind off of the stress of everyday life.

If you want to hear more about how to create and deliver apps to eager users that can produce consistent revenue, keep an eye out for our next post.

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