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The top 10 ways to make more money from apps! Build Better Apps and achieve more downloads from high quality users so you can keep them happy and make more money along the way! The material is relevant for developers of all skill levels. Some examples:

  1. Huge portfolio of old / new apps that needs help
  2. Interested in mobile industry but haven taken any steps to start
  3. Just about to publish your first app
  4. Skeptical of this industry and how to get started


 So here’s the deal. This industry changes so fast that a lot of the information that you find when you search could already be out of date.  Even some of the information that you get emails about or see blog posts on popular industry websites can be old.  It’s not old news, just old information that a developer could implement and not see the results or the “opportunity” they mentioned. The people creating and publishing the content are usually writers, not app developers.  Do you know where they get a lot of the info?  Well, where would you get info on something you didn’t know about? Google!  What do the searches return? Old articles.  They also pickup on other feeds. Newspapers, blogs, magazines…etc. Searches like:

  1. How to make money with apps
  2. How to publish an app
  3. Where to buy apps
  4. How to make a game

      Some of it’s ranking high because it’s great content that is still relevant and you can use now to get real results. However, the other stuff is ranking so high because it got so many hits and shares back in the day that it’s still coming up in search engines.  Part of that is good and part of that is bad.  Here’s why: The good part is that even if an old blog post is still coming up and the advice is no longer working, that author may still be publishing good stuff and by finding that post, you can find newer more relevant information.

The bad part is that’s not always the case.  There are tons of books and old blog posts that talk about the ways you can make millions in the app store.  A lot of those people are not in the app business anymore. If you consume that information and go down that same road many of us did years ago, then you will be left in the dust with empty pockets and a mislead view of the opportunities available today. For example, if I go back to 2012 and look over some of the things I followed at the time and tried them now, a lot of it would be a waste of time.  I could also waist thousands of dollars in the process. 

So do you want to waste time by using 4-year-old info or get the content that is overflowing with value + actionable steps to get started? I would choose the latter any day.  Especially because everyone I mentioned in this guide is still in the app business (including me).   The titles of each section are probably most certainly things you have heard of.  However, the content is up to date and ready for you to execute today. If you walk away with one thing you didn’t know or possibly you knew but forgot (hey we all get busy), then it’s a win!  In many of the 10 categories I use examples that link out to other blog posts / websites and mention other developers in the industry that are doing the things I am talking about.  This way you can see it in real time rather than just speculative tactics from the past.

I had to cut down the size of this guide several times just to make it easier to consume.  Many of the topics have links where you can sign up to get more info or hear when we come out with new content about that specific subject. Note: I am an app developer trying to get fresh content out to you. No a writer. Not a copy expert and damn sure not a content editor.  I’m sure you will find grammar errors and design flaws, but at least the content is relevant and current with things we are doing now.

Let’s get started! [Good news! We have a launch coming up for our Mega Jackpot Slots app template and these tips work wonderfully with it.]

The guide in includes these topics:

  1. Quick Apple reviews:
  2. ASO
  3. Mobile Ads
  4. eCPm
  5. App notifications
  6. Game Monetization
  7. User Acquisition
  8. Facebook Ads
  9. Paid Search Discovery
  10. Motivation


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