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I wanted to do a long post on how to win and had a few drafts of it, but found that it was just getting too wordy. Maybe in the future I will write it up with some great examples, but for now these can go a long way.

What it comes down to are these 3 things so here we go…

This Week’s 3 Keys to Success…or at least your Sanity

1.) Be yourself and don’t be afraid to admit who you are. That doesn’t mean be an asshole.


2.) Do what you know works as a base and slowly take more risks to grow. If you quit everything that works (see example below) and and try all new risky stuff and it fails then it can put you in a dark place. Harder to escape than the place you were before you were motivated to change.

What works = What is making you feel happy, motivated, in control of your own life. What gets you out of bed with a smile. 


3.) Go back and read 1 and 2. Then read them every day and remind yourself. It’s easy to do the stuff that used to work and wonder why the hell you are unhappy, out of money, alone or whatever else you dread. Starting with a safe base that you know works and slowly adding in more risk and challenges lets you slowly build and grow into the person you want to be. Over time that safe base becomes more and more of what you want to be today. The small risks you took now become more normal as you’ve worked out the kinks and they’ve now become safe. Greatness for most people doesn’t happen overnight. It happens little by little.

There it is. If you wondered if I’m someone that is preaching to you instead of taking my own advice, I’ll save you the pondering. No. I wrote this to myself late last night and thought…damn..I should share this.



Until next time,

Todd Smith


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