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Why app developers should pay attention to internet marketing. Leadpages #Converted16

Have you ever heard of Leadpages? If not check it out. It’s what I use to build landing pages for both web and mobile.  I’m sure you can find out more by visiting the webpage. This may sound brash, but if you are reading this article and like internet marketing there is a good chance…

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Update: Are Casino Slot Games Profitable again for Indie App Developers?

Update: Are Casino Slot Games Profitable again for App Developers? Short answer: Yes. It’s pretty simple, but I’m going to spend a few thousand words talking about it + giving specific examples with results. What’s the secret? It’s profitable again because it never really stopped being profitable.  I’ll say it again: It never really stopped…

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The Elephant In The Room. Can You Make Money From Apps In Today’s Market? Skeptics and Haters Welcome :)

(We’ve updated this post on October 2nd with extra screen shots) That’s a pretty loaded question.  Lets be a little more specific.. Can you make money publishing iOS mobile apps using app templates in today’s market? Well if you answered this question just based on how many marketplaces have popped up in the last 18…

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App Store 2.0 – Apple Paid Search Discovery Ads and Subscription Monetization.

  Apple Search Discovery Apple paid search discovery is exciting news for all the indie developers out there!.It’s in beta now, but officially launching in the fall. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to guess what this is, but I am going to break it down a little. What it will include and what it…

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