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Relevancy in Today’s Market

Hey! Earlier today I was sitting at my desk brainstorming on some app feature ideas for a project and it made me think… “maybe I should just ask the users what they want” I can research, brainstorm and speculate forever, but if the users don’t want that feature then what the hell is the point? I know…

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2017 Growth, App Developer News, Emoji Apps, entrepreneurship, Facebook Mobile Ads, Mega Jackpot Slots, Paid Advertising

I Answer “How has your app business been going this year?” + Touch on The Emoji App Craze

I got a recent email from Allen who is a past customer on a few things including the Mega Jackpot Slots Template. If you want to hear more about Mega Jackpot Slots and when it may launch in the future check out this blog post. To sign up for updates scroll to the bottom, but I…

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2017 Growth, Corporate to Entrepreneur, Emoji Apps, entrepreneurship, Facebook Mobile Ads, Make More Money From Apps

Growing as a Person + Entreprentur at The Hawaii Event!

Hey! Coming to you from HNL (Honolulu International Airport)! The BC app event is over and it’s time to head back to Ohio, but fortunately the weather is starting to warm up there. I will probably do a full writeup or video of this event, but for now here are a few key takeaways:  …

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Health of an Entrepreneur


It’s a bit off our usual topics, but I feel like it’s always important to check in on our health, especially in the world of entrepreneurship. I feel like the health of an entrepreneur in general is a bit more shaky than the average person, as the emotional roller coaster that every entrepreneur feels is pretty extreme. For me personally, every 5 years or so, I go through some strange health issue that lasts anywhere from a couple of months to a year or two or more, and every time, it’s gone away on its own–or at least the worst of it. The only thing it can be attributed to, then, is stress, and I can’t really argue with that, given my lifestyle. I’ll go many days where I work for 12+ hours straight, trying to finish an app, and that takes its toll and eventually catches up with me. While I find the work enjoyable and rewarding, pushing myself like this definitely has its drawbacks.

The nice thing is that I come from a family with two siblings–both of whom are doctors. My brother, “Dr. Neal,” has recently joined the Udemy community to share his secrets to optimal health and wellness–steps that have worked wonderfully for him. He was diagnosed with a chronic disease many years ago and has finally found patterns and habits that greatly improve his ability to live with it… and these steps work for everyone, even if you’re already feeling great.

He also posts about current health trends at: SuperheroLike.com. Check that out, and be sure to join the mailing list if you’re interested in keeping up with how to stay healthy, answers to frequently asked questions, or if you want access to someone who knows this field.

We’re giving away the Udemy course for free… just click here to access it:

7 Steps to Feeling Your Best

If it helps you out, please leave a great review. I’ve already joined–I’ll see you there.

Feel free to comment about how the crazy life of entrepreneurship takes its toll on your health (if at all), and what works best for you.

To our health!


Q1: Time, Energy & Money

Morehead Planetarium Sundial by yeungb, on Flickr
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Hey guys/gals!

I know we spend a lot of time on this blog talking specifics about the App Reskinning process, but there are some fundamental questions you may have to answer to yourself before you are ready to commit to entrepreneurship.  I’m sure there are a lot of you out there reading this blog who haven’t decided to pull the trigger yet.  Hopefully, the following question will help to check your readiness and give you a push in one direction or the other.  Be honest!

1) Have you decided how much time, energy, and money you are willing to commit?

In my opinion this is without a doubt the most difficult and important question to answer before you try any type of entrepreneurial activity.  I’ve had many entrepreneurial projects fail because I was not honest or realistic with myself while answering this question prior to starting.

Most people will tell you that a true entrepreneur will answer “I will spend every minute of every day and give 100% of my energy and fund it with everything I can.”  I disagree with this assessment because it’s similar to saying “I’m going to get in the best shape of my life” instead of a direct, measurable goal such as “I’m going to lose 5 lbs. of body fat in the next 60 days.”  Do you see how much easier that type of focused goal tracking can be?

So what is realistic?  Well, the answer is certainly not going to be the same for all of you.  For example, will a working, single mother have the same amount of time and energy to dedicate to an entrepreneurial project as a college student?  Regardless of your situation it is extremely important that you decide on these 3 areas prior to starting, while understanding that in most cases the amount of time, energy, and money will have a direct impact on the success or growth of your business.

For time, really think about your average week and the amount of time you can realistically dedicate to your business in a sustainable fashion for a long period of time.  This isn’t a get-rich quick scheme–you have to plan as though you are in it for the long haul and understand the time commitment you are willing to make.  Maybe it’s one hour a day and you are just looking to build a nice part-time income on the side, or maybe you have the free time (looking at you college students!) to commit much more.  If you are unsure at this time, track where your time is spent in an average week between work/school, social commitments, relaxation, etc.  Then, make a decision and commitment on how much time you are willing to spend.

Often people confuse time with energy and use the words interchangeably.  DO NOT DO THIS!  Different entrepreneurial projects and activities will carry with them their own energy requirements.  For example, when coding/reskinning apps there are often times where Justin will lock himself in a room for 10-12+ hours straight to ensure complete focus while completing the work.  This can be extremely physically (too much sitting!) and mentally exhausting and requires a lot of energy dedication.  On the other hand, if you are looking to outsource some of the development/reskinning work, you may have to serve more as a project manager which may require less physical and mental energy.  What type of energy are you willing to commit to your entrepreneurial projects?

Ah, the final and often times most difficult question: “How much money am I willing to spend?”  You absolutely have to be honest and realistic with yourself when you are answering this question because there is no coming back from poor financial calculations.  How much money can you afford to risk with the potential of losing it all?  $1k? $10k? $100k?  You have to be ready to make the financial commitment of a certain amount and ensure that you can afford it!  Justin and I discuss each project that we invest in at the outset and discuss how much we are comfortable spending for each project.  We run a best-case, average-case and worst-case scenario so we understand the risk/reward going in.  If you are comfortable investing $1k and your scenarios for return are $2.5k/$1.1k/$0, is this something you’d like to pursue?  This is the type of honest feedback you have to give yourself prior to spending that first dollar.

We’d like to continue the conversation around entrepreneurship as a whole on our blog, so feel free to leave any comments, questions or ideas that you use around time, energy and money in the comments below. Also, be sure to sign up for our mailing list on the right side of the page for coupons to our courses, special announcements (some coming soon!), and more.