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Trajectory mapping 

I spend a lot of time, energy and money trying to do things that will:

  • Enhance my life
  • Deepen my relationships
  • Improve productivity
  • Increase my network
  • Improve my health \ improve my athletic performance
  • Increase my wealth
  • Increase my chances to grow quicker

In summary, I’m trying to do a lot of things at once and I’m not always measuring results. So over time I get comfortable doing things even if they lose their original edge that was on a specific trajectory.

It’s not just me. I’m sure it’s a lot of us.

The problem is, always doing the same things (even if results are good) without ever doing a check-in of the results or exploring the possibility of improving what you already think is good, is a little crazy. But it’s so easy to do!

Over time, things become less effective.

We can run through the motions for years after we should.

Creatures of habit stick to the comfort of the known, not the unknown.

The problem with that is… reaching next level success or results is less probable and honestly… not ever achieved.

I’ll use two examples.

Example #1:

If you are trying to lose a few pounds for the summer…but last years workouts that worked to slim down are not giving you the same results.

Do you give in and say, “I must be getting old”?


Do you go out and make some changes to achieve your goal?


Example #2:

You used to have apps that made some money, but no longer do.
Do you chalk it up to “the market”?


Do you find a way to make something cool and get the right users into that app?

So now you know what I’m talking about let me ask:


Is the current path you are on….taking you closer to your goals?


Is your current trajectory taking you farther away?

If you are not on track, remember the longer you ignore the obvious…the

1.) Harder it will be to just make the decision to change


2.) The harder it will be to dig out of the hole you are digging.

I love to use weight loss as an example because over the course of our lives, most people experience the challenge of dropping weight.

  • Could be personal
  • Could be to impress your significant other
  • Could be to impress strangers
  • Could be doctors orders
  • Could be _________

The point is..every day you don’t take a step in changing whatever trajectory you are on to the one you want is going to make it that much harder to:

1.) Start
2.) Stick with it
3.) Stay on track long term

So if you want to lose weight (or any other objective you have struggle with or that seems intimidating):

1.) Set goals
2.) Set deadlines
3.) Go out and:

Go get a coach, trainer, join a group, try dietbet (google it), put your goals on social media and institute penalties if you miss milestones.

Ever notice that most people more successful than you have all these things?

Trainers, online fitness coaches, Chefs, accountability partners, mentors, mastermind group friends + a ton of specialized coaches and consultants.

They don’t waist time trying to figure out how to do every single thing.

No. They go out and hire people that have already mastered it and pay to either be taught by them or pay them to just take care of “it”.

They don’t do things they know they are terrible at (unless that is part of the plan).

No. The delegate it out.

I think that’s a good start.

They have others at the top of their game teach and / or do
it for them.

If you want to make money from apps, then follow someone that is doing it.

I salute those that have sold a portfolio(s) and got a pile of cash to persue new ventures and / or build up more app companies. If would have been one of those people, I would probably be doing the same thing.

So..In fact, I admire them.

Buttttt…..I wasn’t one of those people. I’m not one of those people. It just didn’t happen.

You’ve heard the saying about how gold diggers / miners (the real ones) often gave up right before they struck it rich? Then someone else came along and hit it on day 1.

Don’t walk away from your gold mine.

If your mine is a skill, a dream, an app portfolio that used to make money and no longer does…then keep going.

I’m a guy that did that. Im a guy that’s doing it. No huge payout from a sale.

I was a marketing director at a manufacturing company and after publishing apps part time since October of 2012, I took the plunge almost 7 months ago.

  • I publish apps full time. Leading up to and during the first months of this transition I went to an app event in Hawaii and was lucky to have breakfast with the creator of color switch.
  • I went to Amsterdam and hung out with regular people making high six figures to 1mm+.
  • I went to San Francisco and caught up with a crew from the other events.

Of course I met and hung out with a ton of other people at these events, but the point is..

I’m all in.

I’m just getting started, but I’m existing.

I’m sustaining myself and growing everyday.

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