Here’s the second video in our series on reskinning an app from start to finish!

This covers:
Registering Your DevicesĀ (you only need to do this once per device)
Registering a Test Account (you only need to do this once)

Comment any questions you have and we’ll do our best to help you out.

See you in the next video,

3 thoughts on “Tutorial 2 – Register Your Devices and Test Accounts

  1. hey guys, I was wondering do we get paid for someone clicking the ads or do they have to install the game/app ? I mean when the ad is “served” up. I notice you have double layered ads that are very clever and impossible to not click and also you had a video ad pop up automatically with out user interaction(permission) sort of speak. I’m surprised apple allows this technique and was wondering if you teach how to do these types of things in your course. Thanks for you response and generosity.

      1. No problem.
        I believe it depends from ad network to ad network and can even be a mix of impressions and installs. That’s a good question. You’d probably have to check with each company individually. In either case, the metric used is eCPM (cost per 1000 impressions) and that’s standard among all ad networks.
        I didn’t think we were forcing users to click any ads. That would actually be a bug. No matter the ad, the user should always be able to close it.
        The video ad is AppLovin (these can be turned on/off through AppLovin’s “Manage your Apps” section). All AppLovin ads are a result of some kind of user interaction–whether it is spinning the wheel X times, changing screens, starting the app, or re-entering the app.

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